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Dudu launches Ngangiwe, set to tour Italy

She has been consistently climbing up the music ladder and her style is influenced by great African jazz singers.

The dignity of her delivery is a credit to herself and her country wherever she goes hence her music has been accurately described as an Afro-jazz adventure, a fusion of genres that include jazz, afro-contemporary, Zimbabwean traditional, township and Latino to mention a few.

Recorded live, Ngangiwe is part of a warm embrace as Dudu engages with her audience, pattering between the tunes as they roll on, hence the music is lively, gentle and easy on the ear and on the soul.

“In the final production of the live recording, the only overdubs where backing vocals that we needed but the rest is live,” she said.

“It is human, it is raw, it’s the original feel of Dudu, I don’t want to be over-processed or the listener will miss out on the human aspect of the performance,” said Dudu.

According to Dudu, this project was inspired by the homecoming show she held in Bulawayo after her international tour.

“The turnout of the audience was amazing and I was simply thrilled, as most people were singing along and dancing to my songs.”

“It always feels good knowing that some people have embraced you and your music,” said Manhenga.

Compositions on this album are a collection of the all-time best songs that have been fused and re-arranged to give a soothing jazz touch to jazz lovers and specifically speak about relationships.

Victory Chant is a song that goes well with Manhenga’s mystical voice and sound that is complemented by the perfect playing of instruments by her band Color Blu.

Turn is one of the songs through which she expresses her influences and the new ideas she has embraced as an artist.

Mpini Mugomo is one of the famous Shona songs that has been re-arranged instrumentally and is complemented by a new flair of an Afro-jazz fusion.
Handidi is a typical love song that cuts across all ages to speak about decision-making in our daily lives.

Isithembiso is another track to look forward to that talks about promises people make to each other but in the long run fail to fulfill them.
“Every song on this album was created out of the best of my ability and with the intention that it cuts across all ages and makes everyone part and parcel of the compilation”, said Dudu.

She has every reason to smile and glow, for she is set to tour Italy.

Dudu and The Color Blu will stage 16 performances in 14 different towns, including concerts at eight major festivals such as the Nonsole Jazz Festival in Trento and the Locomotive Jazz Festival in Lecce.

Color Blu is also expected to collaborate with top Italian artists Paolo Frezu (leading Italian jazz trumpeter), Max De Aloe (harmonica), Gino Paoli (composer and musician), Paolo Conte (jazz composer and musician) and top saxophone player Rafael Casarano.

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