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Mirror Mirror, a reflection of Mathazia’s artistic ability

She is arguably one of the versatile artists in this industry as evidenced by her ground-breaking decision to turn a new leaf from acting to music.

The album, Mirror Mirror consists of 16 deep conscious and roots-reggae tracks, which this time  around have been fused with a bit of dancehall and that will certainly leave many, even those who are not reggae fans, wanting a piece of it.

In an interview with StandardLife&Style Mathazia said this current album was a reflection of her artistry with which she tries to express herself to the audience.

“This upcoming album is a bit personal but appealing to all people who have a great appreciation of reggae,” said Mathazia.

“From more of a personal evaluation, I have realised that I have grown as a musician, hence it carries with it a dancehall feel which is evidence of my creativity,” said Mathazia.

Listening to her singing, one can sense a high degree of confidence while the same vocal ability is equally plain and audible.

Mastered and produced by Jamaican producer Everton Moore aka Dr Cave of Caveman Records, one of the most experienced musicians and producers in Jamaica today, the album is a reflection of the vast talent that is in Zimbabwe in this genre.

On the song Mirror Mirror she collaborated with her mother, Roxxane “Xapa” Mathazia, one of Zimbabwe’s leading dub poets, who has won several accolades at the poetry Slam Festival in South Africa.

What makes this song unique and arguably one of the best songs to look forward to, are the complementary lyrics from both parties that bear a true reflection of originality and artistry.

From her previous album, most reggae fans were left questioning if she is Zimbabwean, but to counter this argument is the track Uri pamwoyo Wangu, one of the songs that will certainly acknowledge her authenticity.

In My Arms Tonight and African Rain are some of the potentially explosive songs on this album that are already getting commendable airplay on local stations.

According to Mathazia, the album is expected to be launched this summer after she comes back from her tour of Scotland and Germany in September. The tour is slated to end in October.

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