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Zanu PF property-grabbing sparks panic

The youths are targeting buildings owned by businesspeople of Indian origin and white Zimbabweans saying its part of the government’s empowerment programme.

A long list of companies, including some of the city’s well-known brands are up for sale, investigations by Standardbusiness have revealed.

But Hindu Society chairperson, Vijay Mehta whose organisation represents a number of businesspeople of Indian origin could not confirm nor deny that the rush to sell properties was sparked by the invasions.

“It is true that of late, there are businesspeople from our society who have put up their businesses for sale but I cannot say that this is because of what is happening,” Mehta said.

Buildings owned by Indians that have been invaded by Zanu PF youths include Zambesia and Canberra flats located between Leopold Takawira Street and Sixth Avenue.

The militant Zanu PF youths have also grabbed Capri building which houses the Pizzaghetti owned by the Di Palma family who are of Italian origin.

Recently, the youths blocked Khalil Gaibie, from evicting tenants from his Elons Court building over late payment of rentals, adding that they have taken over the building.

Absolom Sikhosana, the Zanu-PF national youth chairman told Standardbusiness that the party leadership had not sanctioned the invasions.

Zanu PF provincial chairman, Isaac Dakamela has also on numerous occasions voiced concern over the grabbing of businesses.

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