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Leonardo’s does it again

As one of the leading lights in the restaurant trade, and a very popular one at that, there could not have been a more worthy recipient than Daniel, who, during that Annis Horriblis, managed to keep a smile on his face, and not only to keep his own establishment going, through thick and thin, but also, to draw his fellow restaurateurs together, so that, working as a team, they could find solutions to the challenges that seemed at times insurmountable. Daniel has always been community-minded when it comes to his chosen trade, and it shows.

Daniel and Voula Marini and their family run the ever popular Leonardo’s in Borrowdale Village very much as a family business, and it is, indeed, a Family Restaurant — one that has endured through many years as a winner in the books of those seeking somewhere where they are never disappointed and can rely on standards being always as high as they have come to expect over the years.

Indeed, Leonardo’s was already an award winner as Family Restaurant of the Year, even before Zim on a Plate was born, and in 2007, again won this accolade, sharing the Family Restaurant of the Year Award with Mama Mia’s.

For 2009 and 2010, Leonardo’s has done it again, twice over — winning Family Restaurant of the Year for BOTH years, consecutively! There’s no doubt that this is a restaurant that year in and year out, has ensured its standards of food and service are top- notch!  The Marini family and their team deserve hearty congratulations for their multiple wins and their community spirit.

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