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A moment with Chweneyagae

SLS: Welcome to Zimbabwe Presley.
PC: Thanks a lot. I feel so much at home here.

SLS: What can you say about the Zimbabwean film industry in comparison with your experiences back home?
PC: Zimbabwe has a lot of untapped talent. Of course it is smaller than the South African one but it definitely has great potential. There is a young man from Bulawayo by the name Mtandazo Moyo in our cast for this movie who has a great talent. There are many other individual talents this side and I enjoyed working with them, they made my job so easy.

SLS: Have you watched any Zimbabwean productions before?
PC: Indeed. I watched Neria a long time ago and had another chance to watch it again when I first came here on local television and of course, I watched Lobola before I could commit myself to working on this current film. I made to believe in the people that is why I accepted the offer.

SLS: Many people refer to you as ‘Tsotsi’ after your role in a film with that title. Can that character be separated from real life?
PC: Yes, yes. I am not much of a violent person and that character is exactly what I am not. As you can see I am friendly and not the person portrayed in Tsotsi.

SLC: So how does it feel working on a similar role as in Tsotsi?
PC: I am an actor and every actor has to stick to the script. If I cannot stick to the script then I will not have a job.

SLS: What is it that people do not know about you?
PC: I am the second born in a family of four. I have an elder sister and two younger brothers. I am not that talkative though I like interacting with people learning new things.

SLS: I did not hear any mention of a spouse…
PC: Ok. She is there and we are in a stable relationship and really in love. We are planning to marry but I cannot tell the date though.

SLS: Tell me more about the place you come from. I know crime rate is very high in South Africa.
PC: The first thing is that there is no place like home. You may find the situation in my country horrifying and similarly I may find the one here too bad for comfort. But we all know crime is universal. Every place has its own weaknesses and we have got to bear it sometimes if life has to go on.

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