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Learning golf—Part18, introducing golf to communities


Taking it that way we can now equate part 18 to the last hole, hole 18. Since it is the last hole before we move to the 19th hole, I  wish to congratulate those new golfers who now enjoy the sport and have mastered the basics of the game and are eager to pass on what they have learnt to others within the  communities they live.


You may wish to be one of the ambassadors prepared to go to other communities in other areas where the sport is still unknown. You now know a lot from what we went through to the extent that  you should aim to produce future golf masters you can talk of as having known the sport through the contribution  you will have made to the society.

If you decide to be part of this crusade, and for your efforts to be successful you need to follow some procedures. Conduct a half day or just basic three hour briefing/workshop whose objectives should include:

1. To make sure that the community appreciates what this sport is all about, why it should be introduced and its benefits to the community and the country; and explaining fully why it has taken long to be introduced to all parts of the country (Zimbabwe)?

2. To enlighten the people on the safety precautions which need to be observed when playing the game.
Make sure that you follow the protocol carefully to avoid total failure of your efforts. Ensure that you try by all means to involve nearly every sector of the community wherever possible.

Who should attend this workshop or briefing?
They should if possible include, Area chief/headman/village head/ kraal head or their subordinates; leaders of different organisations — Provincial Education Directors (P.E.D),  District Education Officers (D.E.O), Sports resource teachers, District Administrators (D.A), representatives from the youth, women organisations, wards, tourism, area Member of Parliament for the area or his representative, council (local authority).

You do not necessarily need a hall to conduct this awareness briefing. Depending on the number, you can have a theory session which can be in a hall, a classroom if it is at a school, or under a tree. In short any place where people can assembly is good enough. If you are introducing the sport to a school you must make sure that you first get permission from the Ministry of Education, Sport, Art and Culture. This is very important indeed. You need to be known and get approval of what you want to introduce to the schools. That permission becomes your passport.

Spend at least half an hour  explaining what the sport is all about and answering any questions which people may ask. As a new sport unknown to the area, there is unlikely to be too many questions. What you should emphasis and repeat as many times as you can is the need to be conscious of safety of the children.

After the theory proceed to demonstrate how the game is played. If all this time you have been indoors, this practical demonstration should be done outside if it is not raining. However, if it is raining you can do the same while in doors as long as you ensure that everybody has a good view of what you will be doing. Alternatively you can do the demonstrations in groups.

Before you end your day give everybody your contact details and work out a plan of how you are going to proceed from there. What I have found to be useful is to then conduct the trainers’ sessions for the communities as well as sports teachers who will be in positions to carry on when you are not available.


This is important for continuity. As for the equipment to be used, refer to my earlier article on the subject where different alternatives depending on whether you are in town or in the rural areas were pointed out. In Part Nineteen the 19th HOLE which is coming next, I am going to introduce you to our awaiting hosts. Wherever you are,  it is never too late to start playing. I actually started at the age of 46. It can be done. YOU ALSO CAN.  
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