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Kuligan, Calabash set for comeback

Originally from Chiredzi, Kuligan, real name Kudakwashe Kanyimo, and Artwell “Calabash” Kwenda are doing another project after almost eight years of silence. StandardLife&Style caught up with Kuligan, who dispelled talk that they had broken ties with Calabash.

“There was no fallout between us but we were pursuing our studies. I had gone to South Africa for my studies in Special Education and sound engineering. Calabash was studying Metal Fabrication and on top of music, he is a qualified motor mechanic,” he said.

A teacher by profession, Kuligan said they are not one-hit wonders. “We are coming back with a bang after leaving mainstream music for some time. I am working on a DVD track titled Doctor Munodada while with Calabash, we are working on an album titled Makaruzirira Party yaMandy. By end of September, it will be on the market,” he said.

He said the other reason for their silence was because music in Zimbabwe was not paying. “There was no need to produce music when people could not afford your product. Apart from the economic hardships that made people not able to buy music, piracy was also killing us.”

Kuligan promised fireworks when they get back on stage. “Fans should be prepared to get the best from us very soon. We are promising fireworks,” he said.
Kuligan and Calabash created a name for themselves as music debutants with their album titled The Intro that featured hit songs like Ndanga Ndakadhakwa.

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