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Mugabe, Tsvangirai losing popularity

The political violence during the opening of parliament exposed President Mugabe’s lack of popularity within his party and no one should take him seriously whenever he talks about peace.

If Mugabe was serious about his peace and stability calls, why then did the Zanu PF thugs attack people, including journalists, at parliament recently?
I believe former intelligence officers and military people in Zanu PF, who were either fired or forced to resign from the CIO and the army, are behind the violence after consultation with Mugabe.

Two days before the parliament skirmishes, Zanu PF thugs under the command of a CIO operative believed to be married to a disgraced gospel singer, attacked revellers at a shopping centre in Mufakose.

The thugs are still walking scot free after killing one person, looting, destroying property and beating up MDC officials and supporters. The move was meant to distabilise the MDC rally scheduled for the  same area that was to be addressed by MDC president Prof Welshman Ncube.

The people of Zimbabwe are now tired of pointless violence at political rallies and cheap politicking and are now looking for quality leadership.
Professor Welshman Ncube seems to be leading the pack of a trusted new crop of political leaders in Zimbabwe. Some of us who were supporting Morgan Tsvangirai since 1999 no longer have confidence in him regardless of all the money he is reported to have.

There is no way we can vote for Tsvangirai in the next election because in our view, he is another Mugabe in the making.
Recent revelations by WikiLeaks have exposed both Tsvangirai’s and Mugabe’s parties.
I personally believe that the future of Zimbabwe is in Prof Ncube’s hands and no amount of lies or hate speech will ever destroy him since his capacity and ability is known by all level-headed Zimbabweans who are
serious about the future of a new Zimbabwe.

Gugugu Magorira, Harare.

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