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Chipangano must be stopped forthwith

With the blessing of senior Zanu PF leaders, Chipangano has tightened its grip on the suburb and is responsible for beatings and the eviction of suspected MDC supporters from council flats.

The group is also notorious for extorting money from vendors and traders at Mupedzanhamo where it forces people to pay “protection fees”. Those who refuse to pay are banished from the popular markets.

While the group has mainly restricted its infamous operations to Mbare, a disturbing trend has emerged over the past few weeks showing the militia spreading its tentacles across the capital.

Over a month ago they invaded Parliament and beat up journalists and an MP. They then went on to invade a market at Machipisa where they beat up several people suspected of being MDC supporters. In both instances, hapless police officers could only watch as the gang went on the rampage.
From Machipisa, the militia group has gone into the city centre where it is targeting council properties, car parks, commuter bus ranks, markets and open spaces.

They have also beaten up anyone who dares to oppose their illegal takeovers. Home Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone is on record as having said she can’t do anything to stop the terror group.

Another frustrated MDC-T official, Morgan Komichi, who is the party’s national vice-chairperson, last week urged their members to defend themselves against Chipangano.

While such calls can only lead to more violence, what is clear is that Chipangano is introducing the law of the jungle into Harare and must be stopped by the police.

Their activities are inimical to any society which desires to establish peace and security in the land.  Police should abandon the kid-gloves approach they use in dealing with Chipangano and arrest such toxic characters who are a threat to peace. President Mugabe, who of late has been preaching peace, must convince the nation that he is serious by intervening and re-establishing the rule of law in the city.

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The people of Zambia have spoken and we must all listen, now is not the time for violence.” Losing presidential candidate Rupiah Banda conceding defeat in the Zambian presidential election.

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