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Sulumani: Sungura’s fashion trendsetter

From designer shoes, suits, shirts, ties, watches and even sunglasses, the young man is just an embodiment of elegance. When StandardLife&Style approached Sulu for comment on his classy lifestyle, he simply smiled and gave a humble response.

“It is nothing of my own making. I do not want a situation where I start pestering you with lies. “Maybe the best explanation that I can give you is that I take it from my father,” Sulu said.

“Everyone might recall that Chopper (Simon Chimbetu) was among the best dressed musicians. “I remember at one time he was voted into the top 10 of the country’s best dressed people on a list that included celebrities like Philip Chiyangwa.

“Being born to such a father, you can imagine what it means. It means I would have to sweat to be scruffy because this is an in-born thing.”His flamboyance is however not restricted to his attire. Sulu only drives top-of-the-range cars. He started with a Mercedes Benz C class.

Just at the beginning of the year, Sulu used to change the C classes like stockings before he went a level higher onto the E Class range. That was not for long as he quickly acquired a Jeep Cherokee, which he did not own for long as well.

Currently he drives another Mercedes Benz ML 270 CDI.  Not at all to suggest that the car is the best in the range but considering he is just 29 and his musical career is less than five years old, the man deserves appreciation.

He has just three albums to his name and profit from sales has been eroded by piracy and musically, he has had to survive on revenue collected from live shows.

But that is definitely not what makes him tick. Sulu says he is now an accomplished farmer and has been cultivating different crop varieties at his late father’s farm in Chegutu.

“I am a farmer and I am proud to say that is where most of my earnings come from. “I am also running a garage in Mabelreign so you can imagine how much I make from the two businesses besides music,” Sulu said.

Just three years ago, Sulu was battling for an audience and his shows were attended by less people compared to his cousin Tryson’s shows. When he broke away from his uncle Allan, he first had to survive on public sympathy before he could find his groove.

However, after the release of his first album he carved his own style, boasting a significant following. With persistence, he brought a new flare of dendera that the nation is enjoying now.

Of course he is different and he personally accedes to that.Said Sulu: “It is common for people to compare me to my father, but I am my own man now.

“I don’t see anything wrong with the way my music might be different from my father’s. “If anyone follows my father’s music, they will realise that the albums are different in content and style. I am also trying to make that differentiation.”

Most of the time Sulu plays his father’s last offering 10 million Pounds Reward, which was rejected by many who thought he had deviated from the original dendera beat.

Some might argue that the album is not the late maestro’s best but for Sulu, it is the best.

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