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Sunday View: WikiLeaks exposes the questionable calibre of leaders

What concerns us, as Zimbabweans, is the exposure of the calibre of politicians that we have at the moment. Like it or not, the change that we want and aspire for is still very far away.


We have politicians whose wisdom and capability to transform this country from the current precipice remains highly questionable. WikiLeaks has helped us realise how politicians of this land are people of little wisdom.


The political arena in Zimbabwe needs urgent and complete overhaul. Zimbabwe is currently hijacked by people who have subjugated the electorate into believing that they are the only viable candidates available to represent us  in Parliament.

Politicians of this land from across the political divide are hypocrites and a brood of vipers that smile to their leaders and the entire nation during the day and bites them during the night.


The damage has already been done. We have men and women who forcibly want the entire nation to believe in what they themselves have never believed. This is like the  preacher who delivers sermons daily that he does not subscribe to.

What leaders of political parties do should never be kept secret. Public office is not personal or party politics. We are talking about the people whom the nation has bestowed trust to occupy the highest offices of the land.


We need to know what judgement they make of themselves and those around them. We cannot have only the media giving us updates about WikiLeaks; what is President RobertMugabe or Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s position on their party’s colleagues who doubt their leadership competency?


I believe the WikiLeaks revelations are more scandalous than the WillowGate, the Tracy Mutinhiri saga or even the Elias Mudzuri and Lucia Matibenga conspiracies. Let the same harshness that befell these individuals be seen if our political leaders’ pledges to the tenets of justice and fairness are to be taken seriously.

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions and beliefs but joining or even forming of any given group like a political party is an indicator of commonality and sharing of similar norms, values and beliefs by a given group. Politics is not just like any other business.


Politicians need to be honest and clear in what they believe in, because these are the very same people who are entrusted with the nation’s heritage and wealth.

Both Zanu PF and MDC-T are composed of ambitious politicians who daily specialise in strategically positioning themselves to overtake those ahead of them in positions of power rather than charting ideologies of the parties that they purport to represent.

It is going to be difficult for the ambassadors of the so-called revolutionary party to stand in front of a rational crowd and chant slogans of a party whose leader they regard with contempt. Any rational Zimbabwean will not take the current empowerment rhetoric seriously. No one will take heed of the concept of rebranding Zimbabwe.

This is so because those that present themselves paragons of virtue are seriously compromised. The so-called “change team” will not bring change any more. The supposed party of excellency has become a party of failure.


This is so because those we thought to be brilliant and young leaders have proven to be crooks. We cannot trust what they preach any more. They are busy discrediting a leader who has bestowed his trust on them.

If our country had been serious about its politics such as practiced in genuine democratic states, we could have witnessed a series of resignations by all people exposed in WikiLeaks by now. Regrettably, our politicians do not have shame and they don’t give a damn.



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