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SundayOpinion: Open letter to Morgan Tsvangirai

You and your party have been labelled stooges of the West. While I admire your composure and ability to ignore such silly accusations, I feel it is extremely important to keep telling the general public that it is actually Zanu PF members who are the real stooges of the West. For instance, it may be necessary to help people to appreciate that if MDC was a sell-out party, the Wikileaks would by now have exposed all its underhand dealings with America. It is actually Zanu PF  that has been caught with more revelations in dealing with US, more than any other political party in this country. All that is needed would be for those in the publicity department in your party to actually get all the Wikileaks details concerning Zimbabwe and distribute them as widely as possible, for people to know who the real sell-outs are in this country. What incites violence against your party is the label that has been stuck on it, suggesting its Western connection, to people like Nyikayaramba and the ordinary peasantry.

After such publications, you would then need to provide your clear manifesto, in preparation for the next general elections. People do not know exactly what MDC stands for, other than that they seek to remove Zanu PF from power. At least there should have been a document detailing MDC policies on governance, showing how the MDC would have handled governance issues without Zanu PF. It seems your party is too comfortable to be in the inclusive government, which could be the reason why even the President also said so. The security atmosphere may actually be better than was the case before March 2008, considering that you are now in government. But your party seems to be fast-asleep and oblivious to what Zanu PF is up to. Your party should, instead, be using the advantage of ministerial portfolios to campaign vigorously, for the next elections. This is the time that your party should work harder than ever before, if the real change to democracy is to materialise, instead of getting stuck in thinking about the loot.

There is a very strong possibility that this country may easily slide into another Somalia. Would you, if that happened, still be comfortable with blaming Zanu PF, instead of taking full responsibility, and ensuring that people are not hoodwinked to pursue such sinister motives by a party whose leadership is afraid of the consequences of losing in the next general election?

I am extremely disappointed by the lame excuses in your defence of the purchase of the ministerial vehicles, at the expense of other more pressing issues in the country. This includes your silence about publication of corruption cases that have been levelled against MDC councillors, throughout the country.

I do not think it is wise to take comfort in being Prime Minister, Ministers or MPs and councillors in a government such as this one, at this stage. Everyone knows that MDC does not have any say in what is going on in this hopeless inclusive government arrangement. While the most reasonable minds take it that the struggle for democracy is still on, the behaviour of your ministers leaves a lot to be desired. The electorate wants to know why your party seems to be losing focus and concentrating more on the ministerial vehicles. Is the issue of driving posh vehicles the purpose of being in government? If that is the case, why would you want to convince the electorate that your party is different from the Zanu PF government?

You seem to be ignoring issues that may lead to your eventual downfall, Mr Prime Minister. I do not think that where some of your people sight possible shortcomings on your leadership, there would be a need to take offence. Wisdom implies using criticism to correct shortcomings and grow. You may actually not be the right person in the position of leadership, but wisdom may even expect you to identify another suitable candidate while you step aside, than clinging onto power and eventually causing more suffering among innocent people in the end, as exemplified by Zanu PF. Kindly think more about the suffering people out there and only consider your own welfare when the democratisation process in this country would have at last been achieved.
lAnnanias Nzou is not the writer’s  real name

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