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Chigorimbo: Super dad proud of film industry

Steven Chigorimbo was one of the star attractions of the once famous local soap where he acted as husband to Mai Huni (Charmaine Mangwende). the couple had one child, Joyce, while Jena also had another child Vimbai, out of wedlock.

This role ran very contrary to Chigorimbo’s real family life.

The famous actor made a startling revelation at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival when he said he has more than a dozen children.

Chigorimbo (59), and now based in Cape Town, South Africa, said he is a proud and successful father of 14.

Of the 14, nine are boys and five are girls.

He said the youngest of his children is a 12-year-old boy, making an age difference of 47 between father and son.

Chigorimbo, who has been in the film industry for more than three decades, said he made several breakthroughs in the film industry and did not even consider his big family as a burden to him.

He revealed that he pays a sum of R34 000 to cater for school fees for his children every year.

Chigorimbo did not reveal whether the children were attending school in Zimbabwe or South Africa.

He went on to brag that he is one example of a successful filmmaker contrary to claims by some that there is no personal success in the local film industry.

To him success is not measured by the material things in life, but rather on what one considers important in life.
Again, he did not reveal these things.

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