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Nakawale rubbed shoulders with US greats

However, through luck or supernatural powers, one’s destiny can be decided at childhood.

Such a scenario, however one may want to take it, might serve to be true for Emmanuel Nakawale.

He was born in 1953 in the Chishawasha communal lands in a family of eight. At the time one would never have guessed where he was destined.

Anyone would be forgiven to think he would grow up to be a farmer like those who were around him.

But then young Nakawale found himself in Harare at a sculpture gallery.

He helped establish what is now called Matombo Gallery in Hatfield.

Although he achieved what could have been enough for an ordinary person, for Nakawale there was more to explore.

It came with a lot of adventure as he has travelled around the world. “For a person from humble beginnings my experiences are quite overwhelming. I have rubbed shoulders with the world’s who-is-who.

“It is something I never imagined. I have dined with presidents of America, Prime Ministers and Ambassadors.

He claims to have met George Bush Senior and Junior, both former US Presidents.

“I have been to Denzel Washington’s house in Beverly Hills numerous times and dined with many other celebrities,” explained Nakawale.

Nakawale first met the actor when he visited his gallery during the filming of the movie Cry Freedom in 1983.

It was through his interaction with the international community that during the last United States presidential election Nakawale posted several emails to various groups in support of Barrack Obama.

For his support he was awarded a commemorative Obama gold coin from the Franklin Mint. The coin contains 24 karats of gold and is used as a collectible.

He is one of the outstanding local sculptors with pieces in various galleries across the world.

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