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Grooming With Heather R: Once you start, don’t break the cycle

Now, the thing with these challenges is that one needs to be diligent to achieve the best results.  Which means if the regime says do this everyday, you actually need to do it everyday. I was doing very well until last week when I was so busy with work that each time I returned home from work my head hit the pillow so I did not bother applying coconut oil to my hair then wrap it. All I managed to do was tie a satin scarf around my head. I ended up not washing my hair last week so naturally my hair is not looking its best and my progress is somewhat difficult to detect now. This has broken the chain in my bid to create a habit. However, I am extremely determined to have beautiful hair so I am back on the horse again.

The hair challenge that Aphro Phro recommended for me is her Back to Health challenge in order to restore my hair to health. Not only to make it longer but healthier. This is how it works:

This is an all inclusive hair care regime that not only looks at how to moisturise hair but also the pre-shampoo care, shampooing as well as the after, day-to-day care.

Once again, put this in action for three months. Diligence and devotion are key for you to reap the full benefits of the challenge.  Patience is definitely a virtue because you will not see immediate, mind-blowing results, and remember, you are undoing years of awful hair care. Like I mentioned in my initial article, hair needs to be washed once a week. Hair grows best when it is clean. Once again, use your natural oils (castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil) shampoo, moisturising conditioner, protein conditioner.

The results that will ensue are softer and more manageable hair, hydrated hair, less incidences of dandruff or dry scalp and lastly, hair that grows.

Let’s get started

Step One: Pre-Poo
Pre-pooing is a method of providing your hair with moisture before you shampoo it. Shampoo strips the hair of its moisture leaving it dry, so pre-pooing works to help retain a little more moisture in your hair during the shampooing process.
Thirty minutes — Pre-poo your hair half an hour before you shampoo. Cover your hair in a shower cap and place a hot damp towel over it.
Overnight — Pre-poo your hair with preferred natural oil (only —as conditioner will be too extreme as an overnight treatment). Place in shower cap and wear your normal satin or silk head gear.
NOTE: Castor Oil, Honey, Amla Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil or any moisture enriching conditioner.

Step Two: Shampoo
Run your pre-pooed hair under the water for about two minutes, making sure to get it all wet. Gently massage your shampoo onto your scalp, taking care not to clump your hair. When you’re finished lathering it gently on your scalp, run water through your hair. This is the gentlest way to pick dirt up from the rest of your hair.
Most shampoos are really harsh and strip the oils that are required from your hair. Using the shampoo to clean your scalp mainly and then washing the rest of your hair with the rinsed out shampoo, helps to slightly decrease the harshness of the shampoo on the more delicate part of your hair —the middle and ends.

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