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Musician makes use of mobile studio

Mukwacha, who prefers to be just referred to as “Musician”, has recorded his album titled Mwanangu and  has done another project for an upcoming gospel musician, Pastor Mukwacha, using his mobile studio.

Leading a group called Kukura Express, Mukwacha hopes to represent Kariba in a big way in the local music industry.

“We made a mark when we were still young through a locally-based group that was known as True African Connection. It was at the peak of urban grooves music and our song Kamutandavare was a hit on local airwaves,” said Mukwacha.

“But the group disbanded as we left to pursue different careers in other cities. There has not been an established musician based in Kariba and I am working with musicians from the neighbourhood to make sure that we make notable progress.”

He said there are a number of talented musicians in Kariba but lack of resources is the main challenge that keeps them out of the mainstream industry.
“In the neighbourhood they would refer to me as “that musician” and I have adopted is as my stage name. I know it sounds strange.”

Kukura Express regularly stages shows at Zambezi Valley Motel.

Although Mukwacha sank his teeth into music through urban grooves, he has decided to pursue sungura.

“I grew up in Bikita and, as you know, the type of music that dominates in our rural areas is sungura. I fell in love with the music then and I have always liked it. Urban grooves music does not require much skill inasmuch as instruments and combinations are concerned so it was easy to enter the music arena via that avenue.”

He plays the lead guitar and does lead vocals in the band.

To ensure that he breaks into the music industry in a big way, Mukwacha roped in the services of established guitarists like Ronnie Mudhindo and Innocent Mujintu to record his new album.

He shot a video for a track titled Chido, which will be on television soon.

He says he got inspiration from the late Leonard Dembo and still sees his music as the best on the land.

“I enjoyed his music when I was young and I would take the guitar and try the keys. I can say I taught myself to play the guitar and through sessions with other musicians I managed to improve the skill.”

With reference to his mobile studio Mukwacha said he was inspired by the tough time that they went through to get a studio contract as True African Connection.

“We approached several studios but they did not see any value in our music. We recorded at a backyard studio in Bulawayo after a long struggle. That experience and the high recording fees inspired me to start my own studio.”

He hopes to help upcoming musicians realise their dreams through his studio.

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