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Obama praises nato but questions still remain

But questions remain over how Gaddafi met his end after NTC fighters hauled him out of a culvert where he was hiding following Nato air strikes on the convoy in which he had been trying to flee his falling hometown.

Mobile phone videos show him still alive at that point.

Footage shows the former dictator, his face half-covered in blood, being dragged towards a vehicle by a delirious crowd and forced on to the bonnet.
Those at the front push and shake him, pull him by the hair and hit him. At one point he appears to be trying to speak.

Subsequent footage shows him being hauled off the vehicle, still alive, and hustled through the screaming crowd, before he disappears in the crush and the crackle of gunfire can be heard.

NTC leaders are adamant he was shot in the head when he was caught “in crossfire” between his supporters and new regime fighters soon after his capture.

But in a video circulating on the internet, a young fighter from Benghazi claims he shot Kadhafi twice after capturing him —once under the arm and once in the head. He says he died half an hour later.

Meanwhile, At a World Economic Forum in Jordan, Libya’s interim Prime Minister Mahmud Jibril warned yesterday that rebuilding his war-battered country would amount to a “Mission Impossible” task. — Reuters.

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