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Grooming With Heather R: Facial regime to keep skin glowing

Over the years they have neglected themselves and it has resulted in them looking much older. They place the contestant in a glass box in the middle of a busy mall and have the public guess the contestant’s age. Afterwards, the host tells the contestant the average polled age and nine out of 10 times the response is the same, disbelief, disappointment, mortification as the average age is often 15 years plus above their actual age.


There is nothing wrong with growing old but we would all rather we grew old gracefully and not look way older than we actually are. The factors usually cited as being the reasons for assuming the contestants are older than they are in reality are, the condition of the hair, the loss of teeth, dress and more commonly, the skin.


Your skin, especially your facial one will tell your story, for instance, you smoked, enjoyed sunbathing, you did not get enough sleep plus many other stories.  The purpose of the show is to get the contestants to look at least 10 years younger than their polled age by addressing the things that make them look old.


In my quest to age gracefully I have been looking at the various aspects that could work against me, such as bad skin. I went to Clarin’s to speak to two of their qualified beauty therapists. Here is what I learnt from them concerning the best way to take care of your skin.  Their advice works for both men and women.


Number One

Know your skin type, before you purchase any skin products. The skin type you are born with does not change and cannot be altered.  Your skin type is dry, oily or a combination of both. Most of us think that just by looking at our faces in the mirror we are able to determine our skin type but we are wrong.


Firstly, we do not know what we are looking for and secondly, by the time we look at it our skin has been altered by our face cream, pollution, the weather and other things. Seeing we do not know our true skin type, we end up purchasing the wrong products for our skin. One should go to a salon or spa and ask the beauty advisor to perform a skin analysis which entails:


lCleansing — washing to remove dirt and impurities, followed by toning to determine skin type in its natural state.

lUsing a magnifying glass to check for skin type, condition, elasticity or dehydration.

Once skin type has been determined, the beauty advisor will prescribe the right products for your skin and you will be well on your way to beautiful, healthy skin.

This process costs US$15 on average.


Number Two

Follow this standard regime which works for all skin types and sexes, the only thing that will differ are the products.

Cleanser: this comes in cream, foam or gel form. This is the washing stage and is for removing impurities, make-up and pollution.  You cannot apply lotion to a dirty body.

Toner: this balances the pH of the water to 5,5 and prepares the skin for the moisturiser. It closes the pores and refreshes them as well.

Serum: this is more concentrated than a moisturiser, contains more active products and goes deeper into the skin’s layer and treats the cause of any problem.

Day cream: this is for surface comfort and maintains healthy, radiant looking skin throughout the day. It also protects the skin.

Sunblock: apply this last. Look for one with a SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 to 47. Anything higher will cause you to look grey.  This stage is very important, especially when you are living here in Africa where our sun is so harsh. The sun takes a lot out of our skin and causes premature ageing as well as skin cancer.

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