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Sister Jean confident

The talented vocalist took over the leadership of her father’s band and has maintained serious momentum in jazz music circles, holding shows every week at various venues.

When her father was still alive, she worked with him as a vocalist and was always with him at live performances. To his credit, Jean says her father practically taught her all she knows about music.

Inasmuch as she might be a newcomer onto the musical scene, Jean’s popularity increases everyday as she stages shows and collaborates with artistes like Sulumani Chimbetu and Oliver Mtukudzi among others.

Probably her most high-profile show this year was when she was given a slot at the Women in Jazz Concert where she wowed fans with her marvellous vocal ability.

Jean has however had to hustle like any other upcoming artiste for instruments to use at her shows. “I use other artists’ instruments but it is a challenge if we have to do a show on our own. I usually perform with Sulumani and that makes the job easier for me,” said Sister Jean.

She is very ambitious and sees herself as the biggest local female artiste in the next few years. “There is this strong urge that I feel. I feel strongly about my career and take it seriously. I am so ambitious and I can feel that in the next few years many female artistes who are big today will be looking up to me.

“I know it might seem as though I am bragging or being pompous but that is my target. Mark my words.” The gifted songstress, who is currently riding high on the release of her debut album Africa, however said she is happy with how her step- mother is managing the businesses that her father left.
“I love and respect her and I am happy with how she is handling the businesses.”

Sister Jean will launch her debut album later this month. The album will be accompanied by a DVD which she is currently shooting.
She said she had delayed the launch of her CD so that she could launch it as a combo.

“The DVD will be out by end of November and we are likely going to launch it at Jazz 105 as a combo. I say Jazz 105 because Josh Hozheri (Jazz 105 director) is like my father and he has supported me in many ways.”

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