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Art student in solo exhibition

The solo exhibition, which will also be part of her final exams‚ and will run for a week, will chronicle art media through a modern presentation together with the journey and wealth of knowledge acquired by an art student from her university.

“Some of the media I used to tell this adventurous story include graphic designing, body art, fashion designing and attachments, just to mention a few,” said Gedi.

She said the work of art displayed would be still life largely inspired by plants like trees and flowers as well as the general environment; rocks, mountains, boulders and people engaged in various activities.

Gedi said she drew a lot of inspiration from renowned artists such as Tapfuma Gutsa, Kudzai Chikomo and Gareth Nyandoro.
“The objective of this exhibition is not to showcase my talent but more so, that practicing and aspiring artists may be exposed to new ways and ideas to better their art.”

She said hopefully it would evoke their thoughts and present them with a pool of endless possibilities as they take up the challenge and implore fresh, enthusiastic and energetic ideas of modern representation of contemporary art.
Gedi said as people living in a fast-changing technology world, it was imperative for every artist to wholly embrace and take advantage of the various technologies at their disposal.

“Some of the work displayed including graphic design, fashion design, textile design and three dimensional design is set to encourage artists to do likewise and the presentations add value to an artist and allow her to experiment more, making art more fun and informative,” she said. 
She said her exhibition would be officially opened by events management and broadcasting guru and the CEO of Events Media, Themba Mkandla.

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