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Zim model contests in Miss Africa

The pageant that was founded last year will see various African beauties from countries such as South Africa, Kenya, DRC, Sudan and Rwanda among others, competing for the title.

“The pageant aims to expand and involve African models from all parts of the continent to inspire greatness, innovation, humility and self-sufficiency in young African women all over Australia,” said Tasiyana.

Tasiyana said the big winner would get US$2 000 (Australian dollars), a ticket to any desired destination in Africa, a laptop, cosmetics and a week’s outfits.
Tasiyana said this was going to be her first time walking on the ramp and it was now 12 weeks since she started preparing for the big day.

“I am an ordinary girl from the farm who was fortunate enough to come to Australia and got this opportunity to be in the pageant so right now I feel nervous as the day is getting closer but I feel excited too because I’ve been looking forward to it,” she said.

She said she was a very reserved person who came from Darwendale, where her parents still reside and she only went to Australia early this year to become a full-time student.

Tasiyana said if she was to win the pageant she would focus on helping the less privileged farm children since she grew up seeing them and would like to make a difference in their lives.

“I would like to be a voice for the poor, marginalised farm children and if I win, I will start initiatives that will draw attention to the plight of those children, some of who are forced into early marriages and drop out of school prematurely and I will also find ways of seeking donations of books and other things to make their lives better,” she said.

She said she was happy that the contesting models were very supportive of each other as there was great cultural exchange and there had not been any fights in the camp so far.

The pageant is aimed at unity, education and integration within the African communities and Australia, the country which they now called home.
It aims to achieve these goals through innovative and fresh events like the pageant, which will strongly promote the African culture within Australia and prepare the young African and African-Australian women for a better future.

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