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Letter to Father Christmas


And neither have I been tempted to stay up until the wee hours to catch a glimpse of your cherry coat and team of nine flying reindeers.

I am told that you come through the chimney in the dead of the night to fill the empty stockings with goodies. I am also told that you also bring coal for naughty children.

Santa, the winds of change have blown through our domestic football. Young guns, especially the one who wears neon coloured boots and answers to the name Knowledge Musona, have charmed us.

You should have been at Rufaro, Santa, on Tuesday night as the “Smiling Assassin” struck two wonder goals. I was particularly impressed with his sweet header. I must confess he is not a good dancer, although he did attempt the “Zora Butter dance.” Just like you Santa, he is a jolly good young fellow.

It has been a particularly good year for domestic football. What, with millions being sunk into the league with the coming of Delta Beverages through their Castle Lager brand and the Mbada Diamonds Cup.  However Santa, I am still depressed by the boo boys and hope that you will wipe out this cancer that is creeping in our football.

I could go on Santa, but this Christmas please could you spare a thought for Tineyi Maridzo – the forgotten World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa super middleweight champion, who is about to be stripped of his belt.

Maridzo is supposed to defend his belt on home soil but has not been able to do so as there are no local promoters willing to bankroll this tournament.  Several SOS have yielded nothing and it’s a classic case of being forgotten by your own people.


It is highly likely that he could be stripped of his belt in the New Year. Maridzo is a great boxer and this is how he won the continental title, as reported by boxing arena in March this year.

“The fight started at a very fast pace, with Mikey Shultz landing solid punches to the body and face of the champion Maridzo. It was clear the challenger from Gauteng wanted to finish the fight very early.


The champion responded quickly by counter punching with hard blows also. The second round followed the same pattern, with Shultz charging forward.


Mickey’s punches were beginning to have an effect on the champion as he was often wobbled by Mikey’s punches. The round ended with Mikey throwing every punch in the book in the hope of ending the fight.

The third round started the same way, with Mikey throwing more body punches with Maridzo counter punching. It was after an exchange of punches at which Maridzo caught Mikey with an over right punch flush on the jaw. Mickey went down straight on his back like a pole. The referee on the night, Jaap Van Niwenhuisen, counted him out.”

So you see Santa – Maridzo is a good boxer and we do not want such a great talent to go to waste. And in the event you grant us our wish Santa, you can take Maridzo’s belt to the North Pole on condition that you bring it back next Christmas.

And if there is a local promoter willing to bankroll Maridzo’s title fight, Santa, we hope that you will reward him abundantly in whatever he/she does.

And in the true spirit of Christmas, we hope that Zifa will rescind its decision to hire foreign referees for the Mbada Diamonds Cup finals because the local referees also need to be merry this festive season.

We also hope that the festive spirit will envelope Rufaro and Gwanzura this afternoon. DeMbare will play Kiglon while FC Platinum will collide with Shooting Stars for the league decider. We hope there will be no violence after the matches regardless of who wins.


Santa, may the best men win.


By Fanuel Viriri

Feedback: fanuelv@standard.co.zw mobile 0772498512. 

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