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Kereke must have his day in court

Their harrowing tales, painstakingly recorded at the police station in front of police officers who appended their signatures to the girls’ written testimonies, make sad reading.

A doctor’s report corroborates one of the victim’s stories. The report, done by Dr E T Chanakira, was presented to the police and the copy in our possession bears the stamp of the officer-in-charge of a Harare Suburban District and that of a commissioner of oaths. It’s dated November 5 2010.

The victims’ lawyers Warara and Associates wrote to the Officer-in-Charge of Borrowdale police station on December 17 2010 asking why the accused person had not been arrested in a case which had been duly reported.


The letter was copied to the Attorney-General and the Commissioner-General of the ZRP. We also reproduce Warara’s letter. There was no immediate response from the police prompting Warara to write a follow-up letter on January 13 2011.


The officer-in-charge of Borrowdale then responded a month later on February 14 2011 saying the matter had been investigated and the docket was at the Attorney-General’s Office.

Surprisingly, to date no arrest has been made. It is common cause that Kereke is a powerful, well-connected personage. Recently, he had journalists from this newpaper picked up by the police and incarcerated overnight over a civil rather than criminal matter.


Over the past week or so he has bought yards of space in national newspapers portraying himself as the victim of some conspiracy yet this newspaper was only interrogating his probity.

It is every decent newspaper’s calling to protect the weak from the powerful. It is interesting to note that every article that has brought The Standard into trouble has sought to do this. All the troubles we have endured show the unfettered power of certain individuals in our society. This must end.
Kereke must have his day in court.


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