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Row over J Masters’ crumbling estate

This is amid revelations that his business empire is crumbling like a sand castle. Master’s siblings, Jingo, George, Costa and Concelia together with their father, Sekuru Joseph Masters, concede they are seeing J Masters in their dreams and visions while some even claim they see him physically.

“In the Waterfalls area it is no longer news. Just last week, someone came here claiming that they had been given a lift from town by the late Joe,” said J Masters’ younger brother, Jingo.

“Personally I do not spend three days without seeing or dreaming about my brother.” J Masters’ family believes his spirit could be vengeaful over the way the business he left behind is being run.

“We do not want anything from Joe’s estate but we are only worried about the welfare of Joe’s children,” said Costa. “When Joe died he had a fleet of over 30 taxis but very few are still operating. He had five rescue tow trucks and only one is left,” said Jingo.

“Joe had put his father on a salary but since he died, that money ceased to be delivered.  “Joe had bought Jean (his daughter who is a musician) two kits of musical instruments but they have not been released to her; if Jean wants to use them she has to hire,” fumed Costa. Jean confirmed she was hiring instruments but refused to shed light on the row.

When Standard Life&Style visited Sekuru Joseph Master at his Mufakose house he said he grieves everyday about the state of affairs in his late son’s businesses and family.

“We are not happy about the situation. It is true we are seeing Joe regularly. There should be something mysterious because when Joe appears he says someone took him out of his grave,” said Sekuru Master.

There are some queer coinciding incidents that have taken place after J Masters’ death. He died on February 23  2010 and his friend who helped him with most of the manual work died exactly a year later on February 23 2011.

A gazebo at his house caught a mysterious fire on October 10 2010 and exactly a year after that — October 10 2011 — part of the office block at his workshop along Simon Mazorodze Road caught fire under  unclear circumstances.

Efforts to get a comment from J Masters’ widow, Hazel, were unsuccessful despite concerted efforts by this newspaper to do so.

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