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Couples affair at 7 Arts

It is likely to be an interesting couple versus couple affair — coincidentally, the name Charles being a common factor in the parties.
The Charambas have been on the scene for a long time and have utterly become the household name of Zimbabwean gospel music. On the other hand Chipanga and Mubariki, who recently coined their name to Chalenam Rhythms, are not novices in the music trade as they have served at the highest level with Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

Chalenam were this year fired from Tuku music, a development that can be regarded as a blessing in disguise as they have seen their own music getting some appreciation.

Speaking to StandardLife&Style last week Chipanga was upbeat about the show.

He said he was happy that he had finally got to the stage of performing next to a man who has seen him grow.
“Pastor Charamba has seen me grow since I was 11 and I am happy that I now get to learn from him while we share the stage. We are trying to carve a new model for gospel music as the one that is there at the moment is restricted to certain venues and events but I am sure we will soon be there,” said Chipanga.

Pastor Charamba said he was happy to work with a musician he had known for a long time.
“I have known Charles since he was very young and our relationship as families is very strong. We are happy to be working together,” said Pastor Charamba.
“It is our first time to perform in Avondale and this is our first time to have an evening show. We feel we have been leaving some people out because of timing and this is their show.”

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