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I was abused: Cindy

Her latest single titled Appointment, released on November 14 (her birthday), has become a regular hit on local radio stations and a favourite to many.
In the song Cindy comes as the voice of the many voiceless women who are emotionally abused in relationships with men. She says it was inspired by a personal experience.

“This song is about a situation I have been through and I know a lot more other girls can relate to it and it is time that women should not stay where they are emotionally abused,” said Munyavi.

In the song, an emotionally abused girl has an appointment with a man who does not show up and when she tries to call him, his phone is not answered. This is not new to her but she has been patient with him hoping to see him change.

He repeats the same mistakes over and over again but he always comes back apologising and because she is dangerously in love with him she cannot help but to forgive him and waits to get hurt again.

“Through this song I want ladies out there to know that they will only realise that they were wasting their time when they move out of such a relationship,” she said.

Cindy said the song was also going to be part of her upcoming album which will be launched next year.
She said it was important for her to release the single on her birthday because to her it was a celebration of Cindy the soulful musician and Cindy Raw the rapper.

“I am going to shoot a video for this song soon and this time, including in the upcoming album I am giving my fans all of me artistically without any limitations.”

She said her upcoming album would show the confidence she had gained over the years and would be a lot more experimental with partying music and some exciting collaborations.
Cindy, whose rise in the music industry has been clear was also recently listed as a nominee in the Best Collaboration category for the upcoming Hip Hop Awards.

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