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Drumbeat: Stunner sex tape — height of madness

To be honest, I do not believe in kicking a man who is already down, but after a thorough thought of the implications of the whole sex scandal, I feel the young man is better floored than standing.

Every man has got his own moment of delinquency, or madness as they say, but this sheer madness has come at a time when the nation should be celebrating the graduation of yet another urban groover into stardom.

Stunner came onto the music scene well after his peers had made a mark on the urban grooves scene and matured into a singer from being a mere dancer.

Then everyone took him like just one of the juveniles that had managed to defy all odds and selected a career path.
And like everyone else I said to myself, “He will soon find the way to where his predecessors were — irrelevance.”

Sex scandals bring any man down no matter his stature.

Latest example closer to home is Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who is currently embroiled in a messy scandal.
Talk of Tiger Woods, the greatest ever golfer, Michael Jackson one of the greatest musicians ever, Alick Macheso one of the greatest musicians Zimbabwe has ever produced, Silvio Berlusconi, the former Prime Minister of Italy, the list is just endless.

And what is irking is that we never get to learn from the mistakes made by others.

Talking of Macheso, just this year he lost a huge Econet Wireless deal because of his purportedly irregular bedroom affairs.
So is Stunner, as junior as he is, going to be spared? I can imagine what all those corporate entities that have Stunner in their adverts have in mind.

But defying all odds the young man started exhibiting immense talent and creativity by unleashing one hit after the other.
In some instances, he did so unethically — not minding whose toes, shoulders or head he was stepping on. He probably gained more popularity with the song Hameno in which he ridicules everyone from gospel artistes such as Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave and Ivy Kombo to many others.

If at all any of the people mentioned in the song could read the stories and pictures about Stunner that are in circulation now, they would probably be celebrating and saying: “Now Stunner has met his doppelganger.”

But in as much as we might laugh at his “misfortune” or exposition of stupidity thereof the question to ask is who are we laughing at? Is this yet another episode of satire that we are watching?

Are you going to laugh, dear reader, when you get home to find your four year old child singing, “…tisu mashark?”
I can imagine the seethe that would be triggered in my stomach if it were my son singing that song.

Of course Stunner will not suffer forever if at all he has any shame but we are destined to regret whatever he imparts to the younger generations that stretch from the upcoming musicians to the toddler in your home.

One might ask what all the fuss is. People have sex every day, any day, anytime and even now some are busy somewhere enjoying it. But what percentage is doing it in front of the camera? How correct is it to have sex in front of a camera if one is not a porn star?

Maybe he did it without ever thinking it would find itself into the public domain or maybe, he did it for commercial reasons?
Whatever the reason might be, the fact remains that he was wrong.

They say that every man develops according to the dictates of the society in which he lives. If any of this is true then there must have been something utterly wrong in Stunner’s upbringing.

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