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Grooming: Travelling? — you can still look good

As I found out while I was in Victoria Falls for the weekend, it is difficult to maintain the skin care and hair care routines that we have implemented in the past couple of weeks. The primary reason for shelving my beauty regimens while I was away was because I did not want to have a ridiculous amount of luggage. Besides, I figured that my skin, hair and feet would survive four days without their usual tender, loving treatments.

However, if you are going away for longer than a week I suggest you make a plan to take some of the implements necessary for your beauty regimen. The last thing you want when you return from your holiday is hair or skin that is in a bad state so you are better off maintaining them.

Hair Care
Transfer your shampoo, conditioner and hair oils into smaller bottles so that your bag is not too heavy.  Clean hair grows better so you do not want to go too long without washing your hair.  So slot in your hair-washing into your holiday timetable.  Wrap your hair before bed every night, massage castor oil onto your scalp if you are on the hair line challenge.

I knew that my stay in Vic Falls was going to be jam-packed with activity that I would not be able to wake up early or spend some time sorting out my hair, so I braided it and that reduced the amount of work I needed to do on a daily basis. I did not take care of my hair line while I was there though, out of pure laziness.

Skin Care
Once again you can pour some of your implements into smaller bottles.  I do not think there is any of your skin care routine that you can skip while on holiday.  I did not exfoliate at all while in Vic Falls and when I came back my skin had lost some radiance.  The lack of good quality sleep did not do my skin any justice.  I had bags under my eyes and I just looked fatigued. It was really hot in Vic Falls but I do not think I upped my water intake in order to match my body’s increased demands.


The journey was so long so I ate my fair share of junk food. It is safe to say when I came home I had to detox by cutting back on sugar, catch up on sleep, exfoliate and get back into my routine.  At least I was only away for four  days because if I had been away for two weeks the effects would have been more drastic.

This is the party season so there is more partying and less sleeping but keep this up for long and your skin will start to show signs of fatigue.  Some rest and rejuvenation should be a part of it.  Your skin will be grateful.

Hair Removal

Thank God for whoever came up with waxing.  If you wax the day before you leave for holiday. You will not have to worry about using your shaving stick during your holiday. Shaven legs will not remain smooth for a week so if you are like me and are afraid to wax your legs, take your shaving stick with you. I wax my underarms, one less thing to maintain while I am relaxing.

Yes you may be on holiday but do not neglect yourself, instead find a way of slotting in your beauty regimen into your vacation. Remember to also use the time for holistic rest and rejuvenation — your body will be grateful.  Don’t throw out your healthy lifestyle.  You may not go to the gym while you are on holiday but you can take a walk on the beach, hike up a mountain or some other pleasurable exercise.

Unless you intend on visiting a beauty spa while on holiday, it is best you take care of your hands and feet before you go away.

I suggest you use nude polish on your finger nails or none at all because coloured nail polish is high maintenance and once it is chipped it looks tacky.  The feet hold nail polish better, especially if you are wearing open shoes.  I took my nail polish with me to touch up my nails should they chip, and chip they did because I wore a pair of pumps. Open shoes resulted in no friction so there was chipping. The soles of my feet became hard from the open shoes so I doubled my foot cream concoction.  When I returned I had to give myself a pedicure to restore my feet to their former glory.

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