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Try Garwe Restaurant for authentic African cuisine

Located in Eastlea on Donald Macdonald Road, it is very easy to find as there are signposts directing you right to their front door. 
We arrived just after 12:30pm.  The parking area was half full and there was a steady influx of clients.  We walked into the premises and stopped at the reception.


Here we were given a warm welcome by Francis, our waiter.
They do not serve alcoholic beverages, so we had a choice between Minute Maid fruit juices and fizzy drinks. 
I opted for the apple juice and my friend ordered Fanta grape.

The food on offer was more traditional: mazondo (cow hooves), pig trotters, maguru nematumbu (tripe and offal), liver and kidney, brisket, beef stir fry, white sadza, rice nedovi (rice and peanut butter), sadza rezviyo (millet) and mhunga (sorghum).

I ordered white sadza with liver and kidney.  My friend ordered white sadza and maguru nematumbu.

Our drinks were delivered promptly and we settled in to chat and await our food.  Imagine our surprise when our food started appearing in less than five minutes! 
Francis delivered a communal plate of sadza and another with kidney beans and green vegetables (covo).

Another waiter brought a dish and warm water for washing our hands.  I was hungry so I proceeded to dish up and start my meal. 
The sadza was hot and soft, the beans were well-cooked and the covo was sautéed with onions and tomatoes.
Our meat courses were not far behind, delivered sizzling hot on skillets placed on a wooden board.

My liver and kidneys were fried with onions and my mouth watered at the tantalising aroma. 
The dish was well-cooked and tasted as good as it smelt.  The maguru nematumbu dish was served in a hot and spicy tomato soup. 
The meat was so tender it seemed to melt in your mouth.

We ate heartily and ordered more covo. 
I was unable to finish my liver and kidneys and asked for a take away box.   Francis obliged and filled it with my leftovers plus fresh sadza and covo.  My friend enjoyed her meal immensely and cleaned her plate.

There were no desserts or coffees on offer as these are not part of a traditional Zimbabwean meal.  Also, we were quite sated by our food!

We washed our hands and asked for the bill.  I found the total cost to be very reasonable, especially considering the size of the servings. 
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and promised to come back for more.

Francis led us to a table in a shady spot between the trees.  
I love dining outdoors and this setting was beautiful and natural.

I enjoyed seeing the chickens pecking away, the nests hanging from the trees and a fluffy kitten napping under a tree. 
There were several tables set up outside with African print tablecloths showing wildlife.

We sat down and asked for a menu but we were informed that none were available as they were getting updated. 
Francis was on the ball though and proceeded to tell us what was available. 

Speciality Restaurant
Expect to spend US$12 to US$15
4 Plates
18637 Donald McDonald Road, Eastlea,

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