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Mad week is here, let’s all take care

The “mad week” is also when carnage on our roads escalates. Everyone is travelling using all sorts of modes. It is the greatest moment of weakness for all because people literally hand over their lives to whoever is driving them to their destinations.

This has been said before, but it should be said until everyone’s ears ring: drivers have to realise the enormity of the responsibility that they bear. Before each driver takes his/her vehicle onto the road he/she should be absolutely sure that the vehicle is roadworthy — particulary public transport.

This shouldn’t be done through guess work; qualified people should do the assessments and give honest appraisals to the drivers. It is only through such a process that drivers can be confident that their vehicles are in good condition. In the past the Automobile Association used to offer this service at very reasonable rates; it seems it has quietly faded into oblivion.

We are saying safety begins with roadworthy vehicles; but also of critical importance is the state of mind of the drivers. It is assumed every driver knows the Highway Code backwards but many a driver disregards road rules. Although our roads are not in the best of condition, at least the road signs are still visible; these should be followed religiously. Speed limits are displayed wherever they are necessary; motorists should stick to these.

Zimbabweans enjoy their drink but this has become a danger to society because drivers want to drink while driving. Many claim drink doesn’t affect their driving but such claims are not scientific. Alcohol affects the driver’s judgement and reaction time; so he/she should stay away from it.
Let’s make this week less mad. It is not too much to ask.


Quote of the week

The current illegally constituted BAZ board is now adjudicating and approving broadcasting licences unlawfully. The current BAZ board needs to be directed to stop operating immediately and the licences it has dished out immediately revoked,” Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
on new radio licences.

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