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Grooming: Let’s begin a love movement this X-mas

Most people clean out their closets at the beginning  of each year to sort out what they still wear and what they no longer need. Instead of doing it at the beginning of the new year why not do it now and give the clothes to someone who needs them and could put them to good use. Apply this rule:  If you have not worn it this entire year you never will so you can get rid of it.


Most people think that philanthropy is helping a less fortunate “stranger” but being here in Africa a lot of us have less fortunate families.  Yes, for some of them it is due to sheer laziness while for others circumstances work against them though they do try to make an honest living.  So, look within your family and help those that make an effort.


It could be Christmas groceries, inviting them over for a meal, some clothing or anything you find in your heart to give away. You can also spoil your household help by buying them grocery hampers since most of them go away to be with their families in the rural areas and would also appreciate taking gifts to their loved ones.


There are many homeless people on our streets, both individuals and families. You could buy a food hamper or take some old or new clothes to them or nappies because there are also many babies on the streets. Give them something that will allow them to have at least one easier day on the streets. You may not be able to provide them with a permanent solution to their problems but at least they will smile for one day.


These could use a lot of resources from school fees for the children, food and bed linen among other things. The children also enjoy having someone to play with though the older ones take a little longer to warm up to you as they may be sceptical of your intentions.  The matrons that look after the children could use some thing as well, clothes, grocery hampers, to mention only a few.

There are widows and widowers who have children to support them and look after them then there are those who have outlived their offspring and now they not only have themselves to look after but also their grandchildren.  They literally have to live hand to mouth and they cannot afford to send their grandchildren to school or clothe them adequately.

Some of them live on only one meal a day. If you know of any such family you can take a hearty home cooked meal to them or invite them into your home or even take them to a food court as that would be quite a treat for them.

The children would be thrilled to have something brand new to wear during these holidays.


There are those who are terminally ill and have to spend their holiday in hospital. While others will definitely be receiving visits from their family members some will be all alone and they could use a friendly face to cheer them up and take their mind off the fact that they are all alone during this festive season.  I know Christmas is a time for family but you could still go after Christmas, it would be much appreciated.


Yes, some of them deserve to be behind bars but surely it is alright for them to also experience some Christmas cheer. Bear in mind taking some food to them will not exonerate them.

I may have left out some groups of people but you get the gist of what I am putting across.  Find anyone to love on, — your friends, family, pastor, teacher, the guy that sells airtime at your street corner, the guy that fills your car at the service station, the beggar outside your office, and the conductor on your kombi. Find at least one person and tell them to pay it forward.  Let us start a love movement this Christmas and may it not only end with this festive season.

Merry Christmas to you and to yours. May it be filled with lots of love and good cheer. God bless.

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