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Book review — Mugaviri’s debut work off the top shelf


Here there are no pretensions, but, clearly, there is a demonstration that one’s purpose cannot be divorced from their Creator, thus in the book one sees the writer’s desire to get the reader connected to God as the first step towards discovering their purpose. Here, the author argues that God created you for a purpose, and you need to discover that purpose if you are going to be able to fulfil it.

Dr Mugaviri has over the past 10 years trained leaders at the Lasof Institute of Leadership in Harare and that in itself qualifies him to empower aspiring leaders with the requisite tools and skills they need to succeed in their varied leadership roles.

The ideas that litter this book have been thought through over time and, therefore, cannot fail.

This book plants in one’s spirit a seed that gives them the hunger to search their reason for being and to overcome every limitation of life.
Many people are drifting purposelessly through life, and this book can be just the right antidote for them.

I will not hesitate to recommend this book any day because unlike many books of such a nature, it offers practical steps on how to discover and implement one’s purpose.

There is a valuable demonstration in the book about the role of career guidance in young people’s lives, and how parents and teachers as well as guardians can guide young people along the path of their calling so that they will not waste their gifting. This will make them better people who are relevant to their communities and nations.

This book has much to offer. A quick run through will not suffice here. To draw maximum benefit, one really has to meditate on the revelations and personalise the inspired thoughts contained here.

If you are one person who has been wondering about how you can put your life together, add colour to other people’s life and make an impact in your world while enjoying it all, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to lay your hands on this book!

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