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Mathias Julius releases second album

This is not the first time Julius has worked with Tuku. Back in 2001 Julius was featured on Tuku’s video Perekedza Mwana, as a dancer.

On this project Tuku is featured on the song, Twenty Ten, a dedication to Tuku’s late son Sam, who passed away in the year 2010.

Twenty Ten is one song that begs for listenership over and over again. It is a duet with Tuku, a classical reggae baseline tune complemented by the magical touch of two great artists behind the vocals.

In an interview with StandardLife&Style, Julius said: “Collaborating with a Zimbabwean star is one of the longtime dreams I ever had.
“Tuku in actual fact didn’t know we could do collaboration since he knew me as a dancer.

“We have toured together a few times before and we even did a show at 7Arts Theatre together. He listened to my first album and we decided to do a duet.

“At first I thought it was going to be a dance duet but he told me that he had been impressed and willing to make it a song.
“First I had the idea to compose it as a love song but when I went back to him, he said that song reflected on his son’s death hence he made it richer and dedicated it to his late son Sam Mtukudzi,” said Julius.

Other songs on the album are Hallo, which features urban grooves artist, Pauline on the vocals and Don’t Worry featuring Dizzy Don, one of the upcoming hip hop artists in the country.

Julius’ music draws on a variety of influences ranging from traditional and popular Zimbabwean reggae, dub, and hip hop hence it represents the very best of Zimbabwe’s young, urban music scene.

Some of the songs on this album that are already getting airplay on local radio stations, include Dem Gone, Don’t Look Back, Ndiwe Wega, Freedom and Mama.

This album has been getting airplay on several private radio stations in the United Kingdom.

Don’t Look Back is already available in-store at the Book Café and is being sold online.

Julius’ artistic career began in the 1990s, when he joined Zimbabwe’s renowned Tumbuka Dance Company and made numerous international appearances with this outfit.

“I am hoping fans will embrace this album. Reggae music is truly growing in Zimbabwe considering the support that is being given with our own local artists,” said Julius.


About the title track — Don’t look back


Don’t Look Back is the 11th track on the album that Julius said was inspired by his experiences as an artist.

“This project was inspired mainly by my surroundings and information that I hear from the streets about the talent that is in me.

“My personal experiences and inspiration that I got from other local and international artists also greatly influenced this project,” said Julius.

What make this song interesting are the magical instruments used and the well-crafted vocals from Berthelsen.



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