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Grooming: Dos and don’ts about underwear

Heather R

When walking around towns I am not the only one who has had the misfortune of coming across ladies wearing the wrong underwear. It is either the wrong colour or the wrong type and you will find that a perfectly good outfit becomes trashy.

The right underwear is the foundation to bringing out the best in an outfit.  When your body parts are given the right type of support your body also looks good. One thing to bear in mind when getting dressed is that underwear is meant to be worn under your clothes so if we can see it, you are wearing the wrong type of underwear for your outfit. It should be worn externally only if you are a stripper.

So let us start with one of the most fundamental pieces of underwear, the brassiere.  This is specifically for lifting the breasts. The objective is to have them well-supported and looking perky (even if they are not).

They should be in the chest area and not co-habiting with your stomach.  First and foremost before you embark on a bra shopping escapade, have your bust measured then shop for your actual bra size.

There are too many women out there wearing the wrong bra size. Any shop that sells underwear should be able to measure your bust although I am not sure if the ones downtown are experienced in doing so.


You know you are wearing the wrong bra size…


If the band at the back rides up towards your shoulders.  That means it is too big.

If when you stand up straight, with your hands on your hips, you are able to place a pen under your breasts and it holds. Your bra is not giving you the right support.  Instead of being perky they are resting.

Once again, if you stand up straight with your hands on your hips your bust should not fall below your elbow; instead it should fall above your elbow.
If your bra causes you to have folds of flesh on your back above and or below the bra band.  This means your bra is too tight.

Once you have the right size taken care of, you need to look at the right type for the outfit you are wearing. As pretty as your bra may be, please resist the urge to intentionally have your underwear hanging out. Understandably, your bra may peek out from time to time but do not let it show intentionally. So this business of wearing a red bra with a black spaghetti top and a red belt match is a no-no.

Most bras nowadays come with detachable straps which make them multi-way bras. The straps can be removed to make it a strapless bra, they can be crossed at the back especially when you are wearing a tank top and they can be worn the normal way so there is really no excuse for us to see your bra regardless of the top you are wearing.  There are also backless bras for when you decide to wear a strapless top or dress.

If you have a big bust then you need a bra with a thicker strap.  Thin straps will not be able to handle the weight and may begin digging into your shoulder. I know a number of women with a big bust; they have opted to stay away from strapless outfits as they cannot wear strapless bras.  When shopping for clothes bear in mind the appropriate bras are required for it. If you do not own the right bra, buy one.

The right colour is also very important. Remember it is underwear so the more inconspicuous it is the better. Which means wearing a white bra under a black top should never happen.  Black on black is best. You may not have a bra that matches every colour top in your wardrobe but you should strive to wear the colour that is closest to the colour of your top or dress and will show the least. When wearing white, pair it with a flesh toned bra. If you are dark-skinned a brown bra works much better than black. After all we are brown and not black.


Panties: Objective is not to have visible panty line


Like with a bra, there is a panty for every outfit you decide to wear. The objective is to not have a visible panty line (VPL). Once again, inconspicuous is better. A few weeks ago I was out with some girlfriends as we celebrated the birthday of one of us.

Our sentiments towards the g-string underwear were unanimous, we loathed them. So some of them said they no longer cared about the VPL, instead they only wanted to be comfortable, and others said they were more comfortable without any panties.

Well, for those who are like me and want to wear panties, find the right type for your outfit.  I dislike g-strings, passionately. So a few weeks ago when I was in South Africa I bought a few seamless panties.

The best thing since sliced bread, if you ask me. Comfortable with no visible panty line or risk of yeast infection, now that’s what I’m talking about. 
If you like wearing thongs but you feel as though your behind is not sufficiently supported and everything wobbles like jelly, wear your thong and some material on top (spandex).

Nowadays most pairs of jeans are low cut so if you wear the wrong underwear you will find that half your panty will be above the waistband of the jeans which is tacky. Even tackier would be to wear a g-string with low-cut jeans; because the jeans have nothing to grip onto they just slide down. Cotton panties give jeans better grip. Cotton panties are also better because they breathe unlike nylon panties.

If you are prone to yeast infections, cotton is the way for you to go. Matching your panties to your outfit is also a good idea. In the event they peek out you will come across as being well-put-together if they match instead of wearing black trousers, red panties and a yellow top.

If your panty was yellow or black it will take a while for someone looking to see that it is actually your panty showing.

I hope to see fewer animal print tops with lilac bras sticking out, band and all, as well as fewer g-string revealing parts of your body we would rather not lay our eyes on.

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