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Love your body, take good care of it

Take in everything; that beer belly of yours, your love handles, stretch marks and everything else you would gladly cover up in a hurry. It is also good to familiarise oneself with their body.

I read an article once where a doctor was complaining about how people do not know their bodies.He recounted how patients could not explain a lump’s existence because they had  not taken the time to get to know their bodies and know every bump, bruise or scratch that is on it.

For a long time I was teased about being skinny. From my co-ed primary school to my all girls’ high school, my skinny legs brought me the most grief because they highlighted my skinniness.


Maybe if I was a part of the athletics team and used my long, lean legs for high jump, long jump or the 100m sprint my school mates may have been easier on me. Sport just was not me. I did not enjoy it or want to do it. I did not envy the girls that played sport. It really did not appeal to me.

Then again, playing sport meant that I would have to wear shorts and then my skinny legs would be on display for everyone to see and taunt me. No, thank you. The fact that my legs could carry me from point A to point B was good enough for me. I remember being asked by one school mate, when I was 17 years old: “Heather, how do you walk on those legs”? I was too stunned to answer so a friend answered in my stead and said “the same you walk on yours”.

Now that I am a few years shy of 30, I have grown to love my slim body, especially my long and lean legs. I have legs that go on forever; I love their complexion and the shape of my calves. I think they are quite fabulous if you ask me.

I have seen women with short and stocky legs, or “cankles” (think ankles), spider veins, etc but mine do not have any of that. I am currently underweight for my age and height so I am working on gaining a couple more kilograms, which is a challenge in itself.

Being slim has its advantages because I can get away with wearing most clothes as they do not look appalling on my frame.
The black South African women are so proud of their curves (sometimes too proud and daring) they do not try and hide them or apologise for them. In most cases it is genetic, especially the big hips and large derrière.


Hang-ups about your body?


A lot of us have hang-ups about our bodies. We are not happy with them. We are either too fat or too skinny. Our legs are too straight, we are too hairy, and we hate our cellulite or our complexion.

Nobody’s body is perfect but you can either love it exactly the way it is or we can make a plan to have it looking the way we would like it to.

No one has it all but we all have at least one thing we love about our bodies which we can accentuate. If I could give you one challenge; find that one or three or six things you love about your body and appreciate them and forget about the things that you do not love about your body but cannot change, for example, long feet.


There isn’t much you can do about long feet. Loving your body does not only mean liking what you see in the mirror but also taking care of your body. Exercise is essential. It promotes better sleep, it is fun, controls weight, can combat heart diseases, to mention only a few. It can improve your mood by causing the brain to release happy hormones.

Taking care of your body can make you feel better about yourself. It boosts your energy levels and renews the spark in your sex life.

You also need to feed your body with the right foods. Eating right also has the same benefits, including beautiful skin.
Love your body, take care of it and it will be sure to return the favour.

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