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Nox Guni launches fashion label

He now has his own signature collection of casual and smart wear under his own name and is also set to officially launch his new recording label under the same banner.


Started way back in 2008, this new clothing label, Ice ‘n Roses, was recently launched in South Africa where Nox is currently based.
In an interview with StandardLife&Style, Nox said the concept was mainly based on creating a brand that would complement and sustain his career.

“I have always been determined to set trends in the clothing business and I’m just taking advantage of a market that is void in well-made fashionable urban clothing,” said Nox.

“The income generated through music might not be well enough to sustain me and the projects I want to embark on in the future.
“So I came up with the idea to set up a brand that would help complement my entire career.”

Currently in circulation in South Africa, the label is composed of both ladies and men’s wear, ranging from tracksuits o college jackets and  T-shirts. A fragrance line will be launched soon.

Nox added that initially his clothing line was solely men’s contemporary wear but he has since expanded the horizon to include ladies’ wear.

The launch will be taking place in Harare at a venue that is yet to be announced in February towards Valentine’s Day.
“We have track and college jackets and also a sub-brand called Team Shumba, which has got a lion image on the back.
“This is typical wear for men and women and the first consignment of the fashionable clothing is arriving in Zimbabwe during the first week of February, right in time for Valentine’s Day.”


Nox also added that later this year he will be launching a record label under the same title. “We are also setting up Ice ‘n Roses Record label in Zimbabwe and I think it will be in place by the end of the year when I move back to Zimbabwe to manage this promising business.

“I always had the idea that I would start my own apparel line, but I wanted to make sure the timing was right and that I had the time to devote to it.

“I feel it is certainly the right time to be doing this and many people fail to see the potential business capabilities they possess when they become famous and they fail to maximise on that and I don’t want to be part of those statistics.

“I want to live my dream and at least work towards achieving my goals.”

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