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Bhebhe enjoys time at Joyous Celebration

Bhebhe made his debut with the renowned gospel group in 2010 and last year had a chance to visit Zimbabwe together with the group when it performed in Harare in May.

“I am coping very well with the group and the audience. I feel I have found my place within the group,” Bhebhe told StandardLife&Style in South Africa last week.

“I am no longer the new guy people used to identify in the choir. 2011 was a very hectic year that saw Joyous Celebration setting its feet on Zimbabwean soil twice. I am proud to say that I was there when it happened.”

“For most of my colleagues, the Harare show was their very first visit to Zimbabwe and up to today they still talk about the warmth and hospitality which they received.

“Last year also saw the recording of two Joyous Celebration productions and both took place in a short period of time and it was a challenge to me.”
Bhebhe said it was really hectic.

“I am glad to say that it is all that hard work that gave birth to the track I did in Joyous Celebration titled Usarambe Kudaira.”

Before this new track on Joyous Celebrations 16, he had previously done the song Tambira Jehovha, a song that featured on their 15th album.
“God has been really faithful to me over the past year as I have witnessed my South African fan base growing to levels beyond my imagination.
“I have since realised that this is not about me at all but it is about the Jesus in me.”

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