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Call for Zanu PF, MDC youth to unite

Jails and unknown torture chambers are crowded with young people who are political activists, suffering the penalty of sins they committed on behalf of their ageing worthless leaders. Worthless because they have not put the needs of the youths before them for their own expediency.

Across the country, perpetrators of political violence are the youths drawn from various political parties, drawing swords against each other. Meanwhile, their superiors pose as referees and spectators from behind the scenes, pretending to be calling for peace and an end to violence. What a farce!

President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube enjoy the opulence of their luxurious offices and mansions, clearly unperturbed by the chaos brewing as a result of their marauding party youths whom they set at each other’s throats in pursuit of their own selfish ambitions. Many of these youths wallow in abject poverty and unemployment, finding solace in political hooliganism.

Why are the youths so naive and  ignorant to the fact that they are being abused by the people whose future may be nearing its natural end?

The violence that rocked the city last year involved mainly the youths and the police. It is rare to hear that MDC and Zanu PF top officials have clashed violently.

It would be breaking news to read a story about “Mugabe, Tsvangirai clash” or about political leaders throwing stones at each other. It is aways the youths in the frontline fighting wars on behalf to some politicians.

And what do they gain at the end of the day; misery, imprisonment and perpetual unemployment as they are deserted by the leaders after using them to rise to higher  political office.

One thing that the youths of Zimbabwe should do is look each other in the eye and say: “Here we are; we are not enemies — we all need a new Zimbabwe, which we can only achieve united as one, for united we stand, divided we fall”.

Let the youths bury their political affiliations, meet in their numbers and reach a solid consensus on peace. It is now high time they device their own means to emancipate themselves from their old emancipators, who have turned into neo-oppressors.

Mind you, the youths in this country comprise over 70% of the population, enough to effect regime change and take the country forward.

If elections were to be, by any chance,  held in a free and fair environment without violence, with the youths united under a determined, vibrant and non-confrontational front, and with the nation of Zimbabwe at heart, this country would be set free from the current quagmire resulting from the perennial political squabbles we continue to witness in our midst.

Poor young people are the ones that are being recruited by the current political parties to carry out violence and cause instability for reasons best known to the leaders at the top.

The same politicians who use the youths to attack, maim and kill each other have their children making progress somewhere in life; studying abroad, busy making money and accumulating amazing riches for themselves and their families.

It is high time that the marauding youths get to know they are being abused by being coerced to commit crimes for the benefit of others  and in the end, they may never escape the consequences of their actions.  The Chokuda case in which Farai Machaya, the son of Zanu PF Midlands chairperson, Jason Machaya and four others were convicted of murdering an MDC-T activist is a glaring example of fate that awaits perpetrators of violence.

And what do the youths get for commiting heinous political crimes on behalf of their masters? — opaque beer and cheap quality T-shirts.

Youths out there should allow common sense to prevail and must start to question themselves on why politicians habitually remember them at election time and promise them heaven on earth, and then forget them soon after being re-elected
Neither Bona Mugabe nor Edwin Tsvangirai were ever caught up in the political violence in support of their parents, but the poor unfortunate ordinary youths are there to do the dirty work.

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