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Grooming: Maintain a healthy lifestyle to look good

Then again looking healthy in general is beautiful in itself. Make-up and clothes merely work to enhance the beauty that you already possess. 
Here are a few basic beauty tips that you can adopt this year, for a low cost:

To bath twice a day is a brilliant idea but if that proves to be a challenge because you are always on the go and get home late, at least ensure you wash your face every evening before bed, whether you were wearing makeup or not.
Throughout the day your face was exposed to dirt, sweat and pollutants.  Clean your face and apply a night cream that will repair the skin’s cells while you sleep.

Brush your teeth before bed as well and floss. Brushing your teeth twice a day will minimise plaque build up whilst flossing gets rid of food particles caught between the teeth giving bacteria less to feed on, which will in turn decrease your chances of bad breath and tooth decay.
If you have the cash to spare or you are on medical aid you can visit your hygienist to give your mouth a thorough cleaning as he has the equipment to clean those hard to reach places.

The benefits of drinking water are endless. The body, kidneys in particular, need water to flush out toxins. Your urine should be clear or be pale yellow.  If it is dark, you are not drinking enough water. Insufficient water may also result in constipation because once again the body uses water in stool formation.
If your toxins are effectively being disposed of, the skin is happier as are your organs.
Some nutrients are also water-soluble so in order for them to be absorbed effectively they require water.
Water keeps the skin supple and fresh instead of lacklustre and dehydrated.



Benefits of exercise


Start somewhere. Doing something is better than doing nothing.
In my article two weeks ago, I mentioned the benefits of exercise so I will not go into them again. 

Exercising does not equate to being a member of a gym. If you cannot afford to be a member of a gym, take a walk around your neighbourhood.
That’s free.  I am not a fan of walking so I skip occasionally. I need to increase that frequency.

Find something you enjoy doing, that way you will be motivated to do it everyday.


Your body needs to get enough sleep


According to findings on www.better-sleep-better-life.com, sleep is important for the promotion of physical health, longevity and emotional well-being, which explains why we get cranky when we are tired.

Lack of sleep also results in bags under the eyes which make you look older than you are. Adults require 7-9 hours of sleep, regularly. Chronic sleep deprivation may lead to obesity, diabetes, heart condition and possibly, early mortality.

Your body requires sufficient sleep to repair itself, keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check in order to keep the heart healthy.  Sleep also reduces stress and improves memory.

I have found that when I do not get enough sleep over a prolonged period of time I become extremely forgetful and my decision-making ability is compromised, for instance, when driving. Very dangerous, I know.

While you sleep your brain is busy organising and correlating memories. Sleep also aids in the regulation of the hormones that control appetite.
It is critical that one prioritises adequate, consistent sleep.

Make the above, small but significant habits, a part of your lifestyle and reap the beauty and health benefits.
Remember, you need to do the same thing every day for at least three minutes, for 21 days before you create a habit.

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