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Be my Valentine — or is it love?

Every day a new restaurant seems to open its doors so there will be no scramble to ensure you have a reservation somewhere. Unless the restaurant you fancy is not one of those rare places where the food and service is good, you have to book several months in advance.

February the 14th this year falls on a Tuesday, a working day.
I have already decided I have absolutely no intention of being assaulted by weird women wearing equally weird red outfits and clutching silly red teddy bears, so I am staying as far away from the city as possible on that day.


What I find really amusing is the fact that on Valentine’s Day, hordes of women will be trying to show off just how much their men love them, how sensitive and thoughtful they are.

Most of them will want their men to send flowers, chocolates or teddy bears to their offices so everyone can see. Some of these women are not in love but in love with the idea of love.

On that day most women will sing the praises of their men unless the men fail to deliver.
The very same women will, in less than a month, on International Women’s Day be moaning about how heartless their men and all the other men around them are! It is amazing how the same men suddenly become monsters.

I have heard women brag about their men on Valentine’s Day but I have been astounded on International Women’s Day when I spoke to the same women and all they could say was what dogs their men were.
A bit confusing, I know, but that is women for you. One minute a man can do no wrong the next he is in the doghouse.

What I wish for this year is that those mad enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day do so with the commitment that they will love and cherish their partner beyond that single day.

It is time people who choose to be in relationships realised that both men and women have flaws. Both men and women have sweet days but they also have days when they do daft things.

We need to spread love. Starting from this February make a difference in someone’s life. Bake some cup cakes and hand them out at work or make a batch of biscuits and give them to children on the street. Make a pot of soup and invite the old friends you have not spoken to in years.

And on International Women’s Day, hand out flowers to strange men as well as men you know. Say something nice about the man who has made a difference in your life.

Show the world that there is at least one man in your life who is decent.Take back your power. Forgive all the men you wish you could bash on the head as a first step towards liberating yourself.

You cannot spend all your life being angry. Life will pass you by and no sensible person wants that. Let us move from Valentine’s Day with a clear resolve to stop playing the victim.

Look deep into yourself and you will find that you have the stamina and presence of mind to be able to untie patriarchal bonds. You give too much power to men by moaning about them all the time.

May you continue to find things to celebrate and may you find the strength to promote love wherever you go.
May you be blessed with a warm heart and may the words you speak shine life into others.

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