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Move over Sandy, here come the Red Angels Display headline in gere


The city has been transformed, some say,  into movie-style lifestyle by night despite its façade of decency and innocence by day.

Although many may take this to signify descent into moral decay and various other ills associated with decadent western lifestyles, others insist this is simply a mark of the cultural dynamics that have been brought about by globalisation.

Leading a group called Addictive Red Angels, Zoey and a handful of others that include Beverly Sibanda — whom we reported about a few weeks ago — have taken the capital city by storm.

They have “revolutionised” the art of dancing in Zimbabwe by shifting their performances to the unchartered spheres of erotica, relegating dances of the likes of Sandra Ndebele into yester-year fashion.
“I do pole, chair, table and lap dancing,” says Zoey. “That is what men want and that is where the money comes from. Sometimes we are hired to perform at private functions, but we always make sure that we maintain our decency.

“Our major clients are respected people in the society like ministers and business executives. That explains why we usually perform in up market venues where no one sees them.”

She said with the help of her manager-cum-boyfriend they have made sure that after all the shows the group does not mill around bars.

“After every show we leave the venue so as to avoid indecent acts by dancers. The general notion is that we are prostitutes but the truth is we are professionals.

“It is a matter of being responsible. Sometimes my family relies on me for finances and I value that.”

But how did Zoey become a pole dancer?

She says she was just an ordinary dancer but fell in love with pole dancing from watching it on television.

“I envied it a lot and when I gave it a try and realised I could do it, I went for it. There have been competitions around the country and I have come out tops everywhere I have performed. I am the one who trained the majority of pole dancers in Harare,” said Zoey.

Asked what her family and community say about her trade Zoey said they are supportive.

“They know I will be at work and I am not a prostitute. The other thing is in Zimbabwe due to the laws you cannot undress completely. It is a crime to expose your nipples so we remain with bras and shorts all the time.”

Born on August 25 1987 in Chitungwiza, Zoey is a fourth child girl in a family of five girls. She grew up with her parents who are both cross boarder traders.

She has moved out of the family home and now resides in Sunningdale with the other girls from her group.

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