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Valentine's Day gifts for him and for her

With Valentine’s Day around the corner some of you may be scratching your head concerning what gift to get your significant other.

I have taken the liberty of finding out from a few people what type of gifts would work for each of the sexes. I will mention gifts that should work for him or for her.

For such an occasion, shopping for women is not too difficult. Women are sentimental and romantic, so we would appreciate gifts of the same nature. I am speaking from a girlie-girl’s perspective.
Here are some suggestions that would warm her heart:

Flowers: The bigger the better and it would also be prudent to find out what type of flowers she likes and if she likes flowers in the first place. I have a friend who does not like flowers at all while I have another who prefers artificial flowers because they last longer. and I have yet another who is allergic to flowers.

Jewellery: Especially if it comes with some engraving, jewellery is almost foolproof.
Whether they are diamonds or long and chunky necklaces or a bracelet or earrings, they will do the trick.

Shoes: A woman can never have too many shoes.

Handbag: It needs to be good quality though.  Sometime that she can show off to her girlfriends.

Chocolate: This would be better if it came in fancy packaging like a box instead of the one you find at the till at your local supermarket. It may end up looking like an afterthought.

Make-up: A voucher may be best unless you know exactly what brand she uses and the right shades.

Funny enough men do not expect gifts on Valentine’s Day as they do not think it is their day, but they would not mind receiving one.

They generally prefer functional gifts, for example a tool kit or something really “cool” like the latest Play station. They are, however, prepared to make an exception and add sentimental gifts to the list.

An item of clothing: For example, a shirt, tie, cuff links or pair of shoes. Most men are finicky about what they wear so make sure you really know your man’s style.

A tool kit or braai kit:
I am not sure though if they would appreciate a lawn mower as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Technological gadget: Look for something extremely “cool” like the latest Play Station, Beats by Dre headphones an Ipod, Ipad. I am sure you do get the picture.

Jewellery such as a watch or personalised tags Something expensive that he would not buy for himself, but would really appreciate if you bought it for him.

Once again, find out, inconspicuously, what he would appreciate.

There is no need for you to be curled up on the sofa listening to Akon’s “lonely” and a whole lot of sad love songs. Get together with your single girlfriends, friends or siblings and celebrate love. Parents you could also spoil your children, especially the dads, you can dine your daughters. Boys, if you are the son of a single mother do not forget to spoil her too.

I hope these ideas have given you something to think about if you were at your wits end.



Then there are some gifts that go both ways.
Perfume or cologne: Unless you buy gifts your lover does not appreciate, you cannot go wrong with this. Dinner or lunch out or at home with all the necessary trimmings, like candles, soft music and wine.
Breakfast in bed or a picnic, weather permitting, will be a useful alternative.
Music: A CD of their favourite artist or a DVD of their favourite artist live in concert.
Bodycare products such as bath salts, after shave, foam bath, lotion, and etcetera.
Pamper vouchers for facials, manicures, pedicures, full-body massages. Men do appreciate these too, particularly the full-body massage.
Framed photo of the two of you will be ideal.
A trip somewhere is good: Perhaps you have a favourite destination or place, why not go there? Turn off your phones and just be alone. If you cannot turn off your phone, ignore the whatsapp’s, smses and everything else that can distract you from enjoying some quality time.
Spend time together doing something you both enjoy, for example, horse-riding.

You may not have the necessary funds to spoil your significant other as you would like, but instead of doing nothing it is time to do get creative.
Here are a few suggestions:
Breakfast in bed:  You still need to eat, so why not make it into an event?
Redeemable voucher: example; “this voucher entitles you to 10 kisses.”
Write each other love letters.
A picnic in your backyard or the botanical gardens is ideal.

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