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A delightful taste of Italy at Da Eros

It’s authentic for so many reasons.  Anyone who’s travelled through Italy cannot help but recall dining out in this beautiful country with pure pleasure and satisfaction.


Does anyone do relaxed, family dining, with really great food, quite as well as the Italians?

It’s that laid-back feeling, complete with the happy laughter of children, the pop of another wine bottle, the pretty courtyard, the big family groups — from grandpa and grandma right down to the babes in arms — the gorgeous aromas which emanate from the pizza oven, not to mention the succulence and flavour of the lovely Italian food, that make true Italian dining such an all-round pleasure.

Visiting Da Eros to review it, took me back to younger days of exploring Europe, and of sitting in countless restaurants along the sidewalks and beaches and promenades of Italy, from Rome to Venice, Florence and to the more obscure seaside town of Finale Ligore Marina, which boasts a youth hostel housed in a real castle.

I am indeed a very enthusiastic pizza and pasta fan, but of course, there‘s much more to Italian cuisine besides these.

Da Eros served our group with the most scrumptious starters and pizzas and pasta dishes, but there was plenty more to choose from in addition to those iconic Italian treats, also done the Italian way, with tasty, aromatic herbs and packed with flavour.

It’s an extensive menu, and caters for all kinds of tastes, including those that do not favour pizza and pasta, yet the restaurant remains true to its Italian theme and cuisine.

Wine options, while relatively limited, are adequate, and again, one would not expect a vast selection when dining in Italy itself at a typical restaurant.  The bar itself is very well-stocked with a vast array of options.

The service could not have been better, from the initial warm welcome, right through to the delivery by the proprietor to our table of the complimentary limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) shots and fruit, always proffered at this establishment to round off your meal.


Backed by cheerful staff


Without the cheerful Da Eros personnel being in any way obtrusive we were made to feel like kings and queens. 
We were checked on regularly, by several different friendly staff and managers, our every need catered for, and we enjoyed soaking up the wonderfully Italian ambience.

Da Eros does indeed, boast a classically Italian setting, with its huge paved courtyard, dotted about with tables with checked tablecloths, in that true Italian way, plus a huge verandah, with lots more very pleasant seating options, and finally, plenty of cosy indoor seating too.

While children ran about amusing themselves, playing and climbing on the jungle gym, swinging on the swings, and playing make-believe in the wendy house so thoughtfully provided, the hum of happy conversation and chink of glasses and cutlery bore testament to the pleasant experience diners were enjoying.

The proprietors of this authentically Italian eatery formerly ran the Italian Bakery in Avondale which, in its heyday, was simply the place to be, to hang out for many hours with friends and strangers.

Likewise, Da Eros stays open all day and well into the night, making it a great spot to meet friends for coffee, hold meetings, or rush after seeing a play at Reps, whether you’re there for a quiet cappuccino, a full blown family gathering or a romantic meal, Italian style.

It’s particularly popular for Sunday lunches, and perhaps that’s the time one can very best enjoy that real Italian feeling, as it’s always packed, and has a lovely friendly laid-back vibe.

Service might be a bit slower then, due to sheer numbers, but who’s in a rush, on a Sunday? 

Speciality Restaurant (Italian), 5 Plates
Expect to spend US$15 to US$30 per head
East Road, Avondale.



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