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Valentine’s Day: Dressing to impress

Your appearance needs to look effortless nonetheless, as designer Vivienne Westwood would say, “You want to look like angels dressed you”, beautiful but effortless. The person doing the inviting may not want to disclose the date venue but you should disclose the dress code so that the invited party dresses appropriately.

This could be a breakfast or lunch date at a restaurant or coffee shop.


Ladies, this is not the date to wear your 6-inch heels or wear a smoky eye.

Keep the make-up light and the shades neutral so you do not look overdone. By day I wear minimalistic make-up like mascara, blush and lip gloss.

Instead of stilettos you can trade them in for a pair of wedges, three-inch heels, kitten heels or ballet flats

A pair of fitted jeans worn with a pretty top, for instance one with lace detail or frills to doll up the jeans.

I am personally a dress girl. I do not think anything says lady quite like a dress does. The way you carry yourself changes when you are wearing a dress to when you are wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers. Even the way your date will treat you changes.

A jumpsuit can be dressed up or down by changing your accessories and shoes depending on the location of the venue.
Accessorise with chunky necklaces or pearls, dress rings.

You could add a headband or head scarf though you should be warned that men are not fans of the headband trend, at least according to a survey done by Glamour magazine, South Africa.


No formal wear required, that is, no suit and tie.

Jeans are good especially the lighter washes because they are less formal or chinos which I am personally not a fan of.

Leave the t-shirts for your other days, for today wear a casual shirt, like the ones with pin up sleeves, checked or striped ones. Even a good old white shirt will do. You can try layering, depending on the weather; you could wear a t-shirt or vest under your shirt.

You can wear your trousers with loafers or sneakers.


Clothes for the outdoors


This could be a picnic or anything else you decide to do outdoors.


The dress code here is similar to the daytime indoor date. You can still wear your dresses or skirts, be they maxi, knee length or short.

Add a trilby (hat also called fedora) or big floppy hat.

A hot pair of sunglasses

Do not forget to apply your sunscreen.

Try a bold colour you have been too careful to try.  White is so now.

Also experiment with the floral prints on the market.

Swap your wedges and heels for ballet flats or pretty thong sandals, the last thing you want to do is be sinking in the grass.
If there will be hiking involved wear jeans or shorts and comfortable shoes.


Shorts are more than appropriate for this type of date.

If you do not like the look of your legs in shorts then go the jeans route. Roll them up and wear with a casual shirt and the shoes below. They would need to be straight cut jeans so you can roll them up properly.

Wear them with loafers or plimsolls like Converse or All Stars.

Throw on a fedora Don a pair of hot shades like wayfarers which are in this season or good old aviator shades.

Sun block is necessary for you too


What to wear on that romantic evening


This depends on the venue, whether they are five-star or two-star.  Most four-star and five-star restaurants and hotels have a dress code that stipulates that you cannot wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.


Bring out that dress that you have saved for special occasions. It can be the ever classic, little black dress (LBD), a sassy red dress or beautiful white dress.  You can also wear a colour you know will bring out your eyes.

You want to look elegant so do not go to crazy heights with the jewellery. Pick one statement item: earrings, bracelet, dress ring or neck piece.
You can also show off you six-inch heels.

Smokey eye or dramatic eyes now apply. By dramatic I do not mean that you look like a clown. Pick one aspect of your face that you want to bring drama to, for instance if your eyes are dramatic then pair them with neutral lips and minimal blush. If your eyes are neutral pair them with dramatic lips and more blush.


If you are going to a hotel then you may need to wear a suit and tie

If the place you are eating at is less formal then wear formal pants with shirt and jacket without the tie.

If it is even less formal then you can wear your jeans with a jacket and t-shirt or jacket and shoes.

Wear all the above with formal shoes.

Happy St Valentine’s Day everybody. Share the love with others besides your significant other.  Share it with strangers, friends, family, co-workers or neighbours.  Love someone.

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