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Women’s grooming: What men have to say

I come across men who know that I write a column on fashion and grooming so they send me messages based on their views to pass-on to women. I find it interesting to see that in as much as we may think men do not notice or are clueless, they do notice.

As one friend of mine put it: “As men we may not be fashion conscious but we are fashion aware. We may not know the latest fashion trends but we do know a well- dressed woman when we see one.” Another said; “we see but we are just not as good at articulating, sometimes”.
I will start with the grooming issues.

I may sound like a broken record but the men are so passionate about this one and they are not seeing changes taking place quickly enough. There are more men who appreciate well-manicured feet than there are ones who do not. One said, “When y’all decide to wear open shoes, please make sure there has been some foot care prior to doing so”. I then asked about toenail extensions and some thought they were pointless while others thought they looked too fake.

I personally, do not subscribe to the toenail extension trend. They said that should you decide to go the nail extensions route then couple it with regular visits to your nail salon for touch-ups. For a number of women their nail extensions fall off often or break then the men have to pretend that they cannot see the missing nail.  It is not that the nails need to be done up but having your own nails, clipped and filed will do.

Here, it is either they really like them or they really do not. A few are indifferent otherwise the rest fall into one of the two categories I just mentioned.
These men believe women should resort to their own hair, at least it is real. Many range from the cheap, shiny ones to awful colours to ones that are just badly done while the majority are a combination of all three. I had a gentleman ask why Zimbabwean girls do not get weaves like the ones one sees on TV because the American ones can pass for one’s real hair.

Yes, the women on TV have hairdressers that use improved weaving techniques and the weave itself is of good quality. The desired effect is to fool people into thinking it is actual hair. Which means colour is important as is texture. Your own hair does not look plastic and shiny. Instead of a bad weave, why not opt for braids?


The guys who are indifferent believe that as long as you look good in whatever hairstyle you decide to have, there is no problem. The ones who like them believe that they do wonders for a woman’s image.

Now, this is not to say that when it comes to grooming we do what we do for men, no, but I thought I would see what they do and do not notice because there are times we do want to dress to impress the men in our lives. When it comes to some styles or trends we may have to agree to disagree about certain styles.


For instance, weaves. If your own hair is nothing you are proud of then what is a girl to do? Go ahead and get your weave. After all variety is the spice of life. If your man really despises them, reduce the frequency at which you have them done.

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