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At home but missing the races at The Coffee Shoppe

Being a Saturday morning and having a healthy appetite, we both decided on the traditional breakfast, accompanied by tea and coffee.


There was a fairly wide range of options on the menu, accommodating both breakfast and lunch.


Inside the coffee shop, as well as tables, there were also a number of comfortable sofas, a couple of which were strategically placed around a mounted TV.


While we waited for our breakfast, a nice cool breeze was blowing and we reminisced about the old race days and the activity that would have been going on down below us. Rather amusingly, a horse was running along the inside rail on the infield, albeit in the wrong direction.


It is difficult to go wrong with a traditional breakfast. A certain flair can be added, but with respect to taste and presentation, a large variation is not generally possible.


It is quantities and extras that begin to separate the average from the great.  I think that we would have to say that this breakfast tended towards the average.


There was no complaint about the food itself. The problem is that I did not really feel there was enough of it and could quite easily have had the same again! I suppose I should have had the option which included steak as well!


There is a significant amount of competition in the coffee shop trade in Bulawayo, with each venue trying to capture a particular market.


Being upstairs, and essentially within a restricted area, means that this particular venue would be more difficult for prams or boisterous children who want to run around. However, the location does mean that parking is easy and safe, and if you sit on the balcony, you are then looking out over what has become bush, and are removed from the hustle and bustle of town and street traffic.


Towards the end of our breakfast the establishment was beginning to fill up with what looked like regular clientèle, which was presumably why it took so long for our waitress to return with our bill! The wait did give us the opportunity to watch two herons looking for their own breakfast on the infield.


If you have never visited the Coffee Shoppe, then it is certainly worth a visit. It might not be winning the coffee shop race, but it is well placed.


3 Plates


Coffee Shop


Ascot Race Course, Bulawayo


Expect to Spend US$10 – US$17 per head

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