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Grooming: What men think of ladies’ wardrobe choices

There is such a thing as too much cleavage, believe it or not.  The men polled by my favourite magazine said if you are in a bar, go for it. One of the guys I spoke to asked, “what exactly goes through women’s minds when they decide to show their breasts to the world before they leave the house?” Some said that they could tell when a woman was overcompensating for her ailing self-worth by showing off an obscene amount of cleavage. It only attracts the wrong man. Michelle Hammond McKinney, author of How to be found by the man you have been looking for says that when men meet women they place them into one of three categories: the friend, the forever and the freak. The way some women dress keeps them in the freak bracket.

These are currently very trendy but like one of the guys mentioned, “black, white, Asian women have different endowments therefore those shorts will look different on any of them. Wearing them to somewhere like a food court may be OK for one but carry a cautionary note for another”.
Another guy described a black woman’s legs as sacred and cannot just be that exposed in public. When a white woman wears short shorts, there is no commentary but the moment a black woman does it, you’re as good as naked. Most men think wearing short shorts with leggings just looks stupid.

Baggy and Loose-fitting clothes
They had a lot to say about this trend, particularly the harem pants trend. In the magazine I’ve been referring to, 10% of the men polled thought the look was hot, whilse 42% of them said loose-fitting clothes were fitting. Here are some of the things our local men are thinking when they see us wearing them: “What’s the story with those MC Hammer pants? They sag and are so unflattering. It’s like the chick is wearing a napkin or just dropped a number 2 in her pants.”

Another said: “It’s funny, the girls are now wearing baggy parachute pants and the guys are hitting those skinny jeans. It’s going crazy”.
Yet another mentioned how he dislikes our “maternity” wear. The loose-fitting tops and dresses that make us look pregnant. Now, this is not to say wear tight clothes that are bursting at the seams or those that hug and expose every roll and dimple on your body. This also goes for fabrics; choose your fabrics wisely. Some of them are too clingy and highlight more than you had bargained for.

Summer Dresses
Nothing says woman the way a dress does. A friend of mine wore  leggings and a top on her first date but on her second date she wore a dress. She said that the way he treated her was different, he opened the car door for her, pulled out her chair for her, and basically treated her like a lady. Another guy I know said he wished his fiancée would wear more dresses because they bring out the lady in a female. This summer has many dresses in different lengths, colours and styles. Invest in a few.


By Heather

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