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Zifa must put lid to Div One chaos

The Charity Shield will feature defending champions Dynamos and Motor Action who were the semi-finalists of the country’s richest football tournament, Mbada Diamonds Cup that DeMbare won.

Motor Action, however, later got the nod to play in the Confederations Cup after the winners, DeMbare opted for another dance in the Champions League.

The most disturbing thing is that Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) is still to put a lid to the Division One chaos that is threatening the composition of our local premiership.

I think it’s high time Zifa flexed its muscles and dealt with these outstanding issues before it’s too late.

To start with, the confusion rocking Division One football will start scaring away potential sponsors while Zifa is trying by all means to put their name in good shape.

The Centralgate scandal, as it is now called in football circles, is the worst as all the league’s champions since its inception were decided in the boardroom.

As for the Northern Region, clubs continue to appeal against given judgements.

Just as we were about to think that there was finality to the Harare City, DStv Rangers issue, Rangers have appealed again.

As an affiliate of Confederation of African Football (CAF), Zifa must take advantage of their constitutional amendments and come up with a section that is going to deal with similar issues once and for all.

I urge them to pluck a leaf from CAF which has clear rules and regulations which have to be followed biblically or face the music.

CAF has standing rules when it comes to rules and regulation pertaining players that play for particular clubs after being fraudulently registered.

A club found guilty pays a large sum of money which discourages clubs from repeating the same mistake.

Again CAF has prohibitive charges in order for any case to be heard at the highest levels.

If a club is to challenge a decision, they have to pay a large sum of money to be afforded another  hearing. These are called prohibitive charges which will prevent a situation whereby a judgement is passed and another club makes another appeal just for the sake of it.

If a player is used fraudulently, according to CAF rules and regulations, a club is required to make a report within 48 hours after the match. Anytime after that, the association does not accept any complaints. If the accused team is found guilty, they are ordered to pay a fine with U$10 000 being the least of the fines and a ban might follow as well.

In this case they do not spend their resources holding endless meetings and if the club is to lodge a complaint, they have to pay large sums of money not US$7 000 as in our case. I hope Zifa will take advantage of the repealing of the constitution and include some of these rules and regulations from CAF.

Again, the PSL must demand a yearly budget from all clubs that will play in the top flight league. The yearly budget should be accompanied by a bank statement which would show how much the club has and the PSL has to determine whether the money in the bank would be enough to pay players’ salaries for the entire or at least half the season. This will help to avoid situations like strikes and sit-ins at different training grounds which should see our league moving fast towards professionalism.

Come on Zifa, put the lid on these issues once and for all and do not be seen as a toothless bulldog, you have to show us that you can bite at some point.

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