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The Gentleman set for UK screening

“Silvia Chimhina, one of the executive producers of the movie is organising the event together with some Zimbabwean filmmakers in that country,” said Kaseke.

“The idea behind these high profile premieres is to spread our wings wide on the market. Any serious movie has to get through this process before selling DVDs and that is what we have been lacking in Zimbabwe. We made a similar mistake with Lobola and when we went to South Africa to get a distribution deal it flopped because we had already distributed here,” said Kaseke.

He said after the UK show they will head to Zambia where they will also screen the movie.

“After the Zambian premiere we will then engage our distributor in South Africa who will facilitate shows in cinemas in East and southern Africa after which we will then launch a DVD,” he said.

Kaseke said they had plans to have the movie screened on various satellite channels across Africa.

Over the years the Zimbabwe film industry has been steadily rising but numerous challenges have often threatened this growth.


The major challenge is lack of funding that has resulted in a massive exodus of talented filmmakers and actors in search of greener pastures outside the country leaving the local sector battling to stay afloat.

It has also resulted in the release of numerous substandard films onto the market further dampening an already struggling industry.

The move by Kaseke and company is however likely to mark the beginning of a new era in the local film industry.

The Gentleman was written and directed by Joe Njagu. The cast includes 2010 Big Brother Africa finalist Munyaradzi Chidzonga aka Diamond Boy and Presley Chweneyegae of the Tsotsi fame.

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