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Grooming:Choose fabrics wisely,dress right

After receiving her email, during my research with the Boys-next-door concerning what they thought about the way we dress, the same concern came up. A couple of days ago I conducted a grooming training at a local company and one of the staff members aired the same concern. Having heard this matter brought up several times in such a short space of time I found it prudent to look into it further and write on the issue.


“What issue?”, you may be asking. It is the issue of women dressing in a manner that reveals that which should be camourflaged. We have all seen that curvaceous woman who is “rocking” her outfit with her head held high while you are cringing on her behalf. Now, this is not to say that smaller women do not have love handles or meatier chunks on their bodies, they do, and most women do. Instead of being flattering the outfits end up being off-putting.

Granted, we should love and appreciate our bodies just the way they are but would it not be more loving if we dressed our bodies up in outfits that make them look like a million dollars instead of the fashion disasters they end up being?  This not only applies to the curvier woman because even as a small woman you may choose the wrong thing to wear and it could be just as unflattering.

Here are some tips on how to dress your body right, regardless of size:
Own a full-length mirror. This is critical so that you are able to appreciate your body from head to toe as well as what it looks like when dressed in certain types of clothing. You can see which bumps and rolls are too pronounced as well as inappropriate lengths.

Do not be a slave to fashion trends. Just because a garment is made in your size does not mean you should own it. Does it compliment the right parts of your body? The mini may be in right now, but unfortunately it looks better on those with smaller thighs.

lBuy the right sized clothes. If you are a size 20, buy size 20 clothes. There is no point in buying size 16 clothes because you are trying to slim down to that size. The seams and buttons on your clothes should not look strained. In the same vein do not buy clothes that are too big for you because you are ashamed of your body and trying to hide it.

Wearing the right underwear goes a long way. There are plenty types of body sculpting underwear for every body type and shape. If you need to sculpt your thighs, smooth out your abdomen and prevent it from wobbling too much, if you want to prevent your love handles from being prominent or you want a firmer looking derriere, there is underwear for all that. Invest in some.


Make fashion work for you

Choose your fabrics wisely. Some fabrics, like satin, are unforgiving. They highlight every roll and dimple on your body and sit in every crevice. Stretch fabrics are also culprits of this. Opt for fabrics that skim your body and leave more to the imagination.

Sometimes, rolls are caused by wearing ill-fitting clothes. For instance, the muffin top (picture a muffin in its casing and how it spills over, this happens when the waistband of jeans is too tight and causes your abdomen to spill over the top of the waist band) could be prevented by jeans that are not so tight and that sit a little lower so they do not cut into your abdomen.

Rolls on your upper back may indicate that your bra is too tight and you need to buy a bigger size.

Make fashion work for you. Choose wisely. Know your body and find its best parts so you can enhance those and the parts that are not your best should be camourflaged so you draw attention away from them.

For instance if you wear a waist cinching belt, it automatically draws the eye of whoever is looking at you, to it. If you have a waist then it is all hunky-dory, if you do not have one it just draws the eye to your round abdomen.

By Heather R

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